Pangeon – Steam Quick Hit Review

Pangeon - Quick Hit Review

Pangeon is a single-player roguelike game developed by Vegetable Games and published by Ultimate Games S.A. & Gaming Factory S.A. The developers mention being inspired by dungeon crawler classics and have combined many staples of roguelike games into a smooth, first-person pixel adventure that will have you dive into a dungeon on a mission to kill all the monsters.

The story of the game is uncomplicated but not without its own charm and simple beauty. You are called to become a new adventurer and start exploring the dungeons that belong to a mysterious sect-like organization that aims to destroy the entire planet Earth. In order to succeed, players will have to overcome 8 dungeon levels by choosing among the featured classes.

In addition to choosing a specific class, players also have access to their respective talents. If you want to make sure you make it to the end of Pangeon, you have to choose the most successful combination of talent points for the chosen class. For newcomers to the genre and players unfamiliar with RPG mechanics, it can look a little daunting at first.

You can equip over 10 types of weapons to kill the monsters in your path, varying between melee and ranged weapons and including daggers, swords, magic staffs, bows, etc. Likewise, your opponents also have access to a number of melee and ranged attacks so watch out!

Your overall delve into the Pangeon will feel very differently based on what type of class you are playing thanks to the combat system. It is intuitive, easy, and not without its own grace: approach an enemy and stick the pointy end of the sword into them or use ranged combat abilities to take enemies out from afar.

Finding my preference for the ranged attacks during the first delve, I’ve replayed the game as a mage. You should always pay attention to your level of health and mana, or you will run into certain situations that can end your most recent run early.

The mage is quite a lightweight character: if you are not careful, the bosses can eat you for breakfast, or you can get a critical amount of swords stuck in your character’s pixel body if you are too slow to evade. Admittedly, it felt to me that melee-based monsters had an unfairly big radius of attack.

The game features charming 2D pixel graphics that are pleasing to one’s eye from the very beginning. The animation is smooth and harmonious, with no jarring twitches. If you are a fan of this style, you will love it in Pangeon.

The overall sound of the game feels way too loud at first and has to be adjusted in the PC settings to save your ears – the game does not feature separate sound options. Once you start your dungeon-delving journey, the sound becomes more muffled and minimalistic to reflect the underground fantasy and loses its harshness and loudness.

During my Pangeon-delving, I have not run into any bugs or glitches which made my experience all the more enjoyable. Sadly, the game does not feature many deep dialogues that could have been used to spice up the atmosphere of dungeon crawling.

Pangeon has a pretty simple but enjoyable gameplay loop but could have used more fun moments to enhance the atmosphere. Overall, the game reminded me of a 2D pixel take on D&D dungeon delving.


  • Easy controls
  • Nice graphics
  • Dungeon-delving soundtracks
  • Interesting models of monsters & NPCs


  • Lack of tutorial
  • Sometimes incomprehensible or even controversial mechanics
  • Not enough plot
  • No sound settings in the game

Note: the Steam key was provided for the purposes of this review

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