Warplanes: WW1 Sky Aces Quick Hit Review


I have played a few games with warplanes of one type or another from different periods. Home Net Games gives us a chance to soar the wild blue yonder in Warplanes: WW1 Sky Aces. Set in 1918 during World War One, you become a pilot trying to take on pilots from the other side to win the war. Find out if it was an enjoyable title or not in our review below.

This title is multi-faceted. You can choose to play as a normal pilot or as a squadron leader. This is where the type of gameplay experience you have changes. Choose the pilot path and leveling yourself up and gathering new planes for missions is all you will get to do, however, choosing the squadron leader position opens up all sorts of options to play around with. I the upgrade options for the base, material bartering, and all of the options for leveling up pilots and planes. Obtaining the materials can be difficult and easy depending on the mission type you select. There are four different types of missions including offensive, defensive, naval, and a special mission that earns you prestige. Prestige helps you level up different skills without squadron leader mode.


Warplanes: WW1 Sky Aces plays a lot like World of Warplanes but sticks to the World War One aircraft as opposed to moving into more modern fighters. From standard fighters to bombers and more, you will fall in love with the areas of operation that are the battlegrounds you choose. I love wave after wave of fighters coming at you and you are just trying to survive to make it to the end. Once the fight is over you get your rewards and a potential mission update to teach you more about your base building operations, unless you chose to just be a pilot in which case you will walk through upgrading your plane or buying new ones. Upgrades include weapon cooldowns, armor, and engine boosts with cooldowns to make the fight last that much longer.

The graphics in this platform are not great, but they do well enough for what you need to see. Having watched some PC gameplay videos at ultra you realize just how much better the graphics could be. Adding a higher-quality experience to the great music would go leaps and bounds to match with the war theme. I did notice that as your plane is damaged bullet holes start to show up on the wings and fuselage so that is pretty cool in a small part. You take every win you can get when you enjoy playing something fun.

Overall, while the graphics are of lower quality for this Nintendo port, I find the music and the gameplay to be really good. You can pick up Warplanes: WW1 Sky Aces on Nintendo Switch, Steam, Android, Linux, and macOS now and it is $10 on the Switch but free to play on the other platforms. If you are looking for a detailed wargame that is amazing to play then pick this up today.

Note: Our copy was reviewed on Switch with a code provided by PR.

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