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88 Heroes Switch review - 98 Heroes Edition

88 Heroes Switch Review – 98 Heroes Edition

With the world under siege by the evil Dr. H8, many heroes (98 in this edition, to be exact) have been called to stop his plan to destroy the earth.  Each hero will do their part in platforming throug...

88 Heroes Review

88 Heroes Review

8/8/1988, 0808hrs, Dr H8 makes contact with the governments of the world with a single demand. $88 Octillion Dollars in 88 minutes, or he will annihilate the world. I can only presume he intends to bl...

7.5 Good
88 Heroes Switch review - 98 Heroes Edition

88 Heroes Asks You to Strap On Your Thigh-High Boots

Rising Star Games is ready to unleash 88 Heroes on the world. Players need to strap on thigh high boots as well as pull up their skivvies for the big day. What is 88 Heroes? The game challenges player...

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