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Anthem Deep Dive Bioware Incompetence

OPINION: BioWare’s Unsustainable Incompetence

By now, I’m sure many of us have read Jason Schreier’s exposé on Anthem’s deeply troubled development. Jason’s report details a complete lack of vision at the highest levels of BioWare which led to ma...

Anthem Patch 1.0.3 Patch Notes

Anthem Patch 1.0.3 Patch Notes

Initially planned for March 12th, Anthem Patch 1.0.3 has been finished and rolled out a few days earlier. The update includes previously announced loot update, improved stability for all platforms, ba...

Anthem A Positive First Step

Anthem: A Positive First Step

The whole looter shooter genre is one in which I have dabbled in the past, but I’ve never really found a game which was more than a passing fancy for me. This is probably best explained by the fact th...

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Anthem Is In For a Loot Update

Anthem Is In For a Loot Update

It has been a week since the latest Bioware project has seen the light of the day. The team has taken to Reddit to announce a loot update coming to Anthem. The changes are based on the community feedb...

Anthem RIP

Anthem Review In Progress

Heading into the launch of any new MMO or MMO-lite game I’m always a bit anxious about how the game will do. I generally always want every new game to do well, but games which are multiplayer face a w...

Anthem - Onward to Launch & No Guild Support at Launch

Anthem – Onward to Launch & No Guild Support

Bioware’s Chad Robertson, Head of Live Service, has written a new blog post on the community site to sum up the results of the free beta and what awaits Anthem in the future. The public demo wee...


Anthem PC Demo Impressions

Before I dive into the meat of this discussion, allow me to set up some context. It’s crucial to remember that the Anthem VIP demo is not representative of the final build. Moreover, I’ve never played...

Anthem Demo

How Is The Anthem Demo Different From Full Game

With the demo-version of Anthem closing in, Bioware’s Executive Producer of the upcoming action RPG Mark Darrah has taken to Twitter to answer a hot question: what will be the difference between...

Anthem Gameplay Series - Story, Progression & Customization

Anthem Gameplay Series – Story, Progression & Customization

Bioware is introducing a new Anthem gameplay series. The first episode offers detailed information about the story, javelins, customization, and progression. For those who want to see the game in acti...

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