Anthem Gameplay Series - Story, Progression & Customization

Anthem Gameplay Series – Story, Progression & Customization

Bioware is introducing a new Anthem gameplay series. The first episode offers detailed information about the story, javelins, customization, and progression. For those who want to see the game in acti...

Anthem Fort Tarsis

Anthem: 7 Minutes of Fort Tarsis Exploration from IGN

With Bioware’s upcoming co-op action Anthem rolling out in a bit more than a month, IGN continues sharing bits and pieces of gameplay.  This time IGN offers a look at the single-player story hub...

Anthem: 8 Minutes of Freeplay Expedition Gameplay from IGN

Anthem: 8 Minutes of Freeplay Expedition Gameplay from IGN

IGN continues showering potential players with Anthem goodness! This time the video offers 8 minutes of freeplay expedition where players can explore the world to find events, lore items, bosses, myst...

anthem dlss

Anthem Will Use DLSS Technology

NVidia GeForce has published an exclusive Anthem video featuring 4k gameplay revealed at CES 2019 keynote and showing off never-before-seen Javelin, enemies, and environments. The team is happy to ann...

Anthem Legion of Dawn Edition Trailer

Anthem: Legion of Dawn Edition Trailer

Anthem team has announced a  special Legion of Dawn Edition of the game that includes an exclusive armor pack. To celebrate the occasion, the team has also shared a trailer that highlights a bit of a ...

Anthem Developer Livestream Customization

Anthem Developer Livestream – Javelin Customization, Gear, and Weapons

The developers from Bioware have been on hand in the latest Anthem Developer livestream to demonstrate the potential players the impressive Javelin customization provided by the game. Dive into the vi...

Anthem gameplay video

Anthem Gameplay Video from Paris Games Week 2018

Bioware’s Anthem team has been on hand during the Paris Games Week 2018. Youtube channel Your Anthem has published a 30 minutes long Anthem gameplay video showing the developers playing through ...

Anthem Post-Launch Story Content

Anthem – Post-Launch Story Content Will Be Free

Shortly after introducing the Our World, My Story concept and trailer, Anthem’s executive producer Mark Darrah has confirmed that the post-launch story content will be free. “For storytelling, w...

Anthem Gameplay

20 Minutes of Anthem Gameplay From E3 2018

Bioware has shared the Anthem Gameplay demo originally shown during the E3 2018 hands-on showcase. Join the game’s Lead Producer Ben Irving as he shares details about the traversal, combat and t...

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