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Battlefield V - Into the Jungle Overview Trailer

Battlefield V – Into the Jungle Overview Trailer

The next chapter in Battlefield V is almost here. As soon as February 6th, players will be deployed into the jungle to experience the struggles between the American forces and the Imperial Japanese Ar...

Battlefield V – War in the Pacific Official Trailer

Battlefield V – War in the Pacific Official Trailer

Electronic Arts and DICE have published a new official trailer for the upcoming update to Battlefield V. Called War in the Pacific, the next chapter is coming next week to all players for free. Are yo...

Battlefield V Chapter 4 Defying The Odds Will Bring New Maps

Battlefield V Chapter 4: Defying The Odds Will Bring New Maps

DICE and Electronic Arts have announced a new chapter for Battlefield V called Defying the Odds that will give fans new multiplayer map experiences. Kicking off the new content are two new large 64-pl...

Battlefield V Tips and Tricks

Battlefield V Releases Roadmap for 2019

Fans of the popular EA Dice title Battlefield V should rejoice in the news that a roadmap for new content in 2019 has been released! Within the roadmap, EA has outlined what players can expect from th...

Lightning Strikes as Battlefield V Enters its Second Chapter

The new year brings with it a new chapter in the life of Battlefield V. Dubbed the Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes update, Battlefield V is about to bring the thunder with this new season of content. Che...

Battlefield V Free Update Chapter 1 Overture

Battlefield V Update Trailer – Chapter 1: Overture

The Battlefield V team is presenting players with the free update that will be available starting today, December 4. It brings in a new single-player War Story titled The Last Tiger. It would allow yo...

Battlefield V Tips and Tricks

20 Tips and Tricks to Dominate in Battlefield V!

Battlefield V is finally upon us and, though it might look the same, there are quite a few additions that literally change the game. We’ve compiled a list of our top tips and tricks to get you prepare...


Battlefield V: Welcome to the War!

Battlefield V has gone live for those that have purchased the premium EA access package for $15 or $20 respectively (Canada).  Many reviews have come out and most of the people I’ve talked to al...

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Battlefield V Prostheses USSR

Battlefield V – No Prostheses In The Game & USSR Faction

At the beginning of November, Battlefield V Multiplayer Producer David Sirland had participated in an interview with where he discussed a number of interesting questions. Of particular note are...

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