Battlefield V – War in the Pacific Official Trailer

Battlefield V – War in the Pacific Official Trailer

Electronic Arts and DICE have published a new official trailer for the upcoming update to Battlefield V. Called War in the Pacific, the next chapter is coming next week to all players for free. Are yo...

Battlefield V Chapter 4 Defying The Odds Will Bring New Maps

Battlefield V Chapter 4: Defying The Odds Will Bring New Maps

DICE and Electronic Arts have announced a new chapter for Battlefield V called Defying the Odds that will give fans new multiplayer map experiences. Kicking off the new content are two new large 64-pl...

Battlefield V Free Update Chapter 1 Overture

Battlefield V Update Trailer – Chapter 1: Overture

The Battlefield V team is presenting players with the free update that will be available starting today, December 4. It brings in a new single-player War Story titled The Last Tiger. It would allow yo...

Battlefield V Behind the Scenes

Battlefield V – Behind The Scenes of War Stories

After introducing players to Battlefield V single-player experience known as the War Stories,  DICE Senior Producer Lars Gustavsson and Design Director Eric Holmes bring you behind the scenes. They sh...

Battlefield V Single Player War Stories

Battlefield V – Single Player War Stories Trailer

DICE had revealed a brand new trailer for the upcoming Battlefield V‘s single player mode called War Stories. Using the popular anthology format introduced in Battlefield 1, each War Story will ...

This is battlefield v

This is Battlefield V & Firestorm Battle Royale Mode Details

DICE has released a new trailer titled This is Battlefield V. This six and half minute long video provides in-depth look at single-player War Stories, Multiplayer Maps, Tides of War post-launch conten...

Battlefield 5 Official Single Player Teaser Trailer

Battlefield 5 Official Single Player Teaser Trailer

During the XBox Showcase at E3 2018, Electronic Arts shared the Battlefield 5 official single player teaser trailer taken from the single-player experience called War Stories. Experience human stories...

Battlefield V

Battlefield V – Multiplayer Mode E3 2018

During EA Play Conference held within the course of E3 2018, the team was on hand to share more details about the multiplayer mode of the upcoming Battlefield V, which was mentioned to be the “m...

Battlefield V

Battlefield V is going back to WW2, as it should you know

From our friends (read: us) at OpenCritic: If you blink you’ll miss it during this 12-second long “micro-trailer” for the Battlefield V reveal event to be held on May 23rd. The brief...

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