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DiRT 4 Review

DiRT 4 Review

Dirt 4 captures the lightning-like rush of off-road racing in a bottle, bringing you again and again to a place of heart pounding perfectionism only the best racers achieve. Racing along the gravel pa...

8.5 Great
Splashy Trailer DiRT 4

Splashy New Trailer Celebrates the Release of DiRT 4

A splashy new trailer has been released as DiRT 4 zooms out the gate for PlayStation 4, XBox One and PC. Players are challenged to “Be Fearless” once behind the wheel of some wicked bad ve...

DiRT 4 World Rallycross

DiRT 4 gets a World Rallycross trailer, looks sick as hell

Just 6th is not too far away, and aside from a heaping dose of Elder Scrolls, there’s also the insanely awesome looking DiRT 4 set to release the same day. Today, A DiRT 4 World Rallycross trail...

DiRT 4 Your Stage

DiRT 4 Shows off Your Stage – a nearly limitless way to play the racer

Whoa. That’s really, all I can say. It’s like a super high resolution Excite Bike. And as you know from my signature, that makes me very, very thirsty. Today, Codemasters & Deep Silver...

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