Far Cry 5 review ps4

Reexamining Far Cry 5’s Ending as a New Dawn Rises

Finally, nearly a year later, I finished the story of Far Cry 5 last night. I remember around launch that a bunch if spoiler-free articles and hottakes came out decrying th ending of the game. So befo...

Far Cry 5’s DLC Lost On Mars is like a whole new game

Far Cry 5 may have run the gamut on its reviews (we loved it), but one thing’s for sure – the DLC for the title is unlike most games’ offerings. In the first one, Hours of Darkness, ...

Far Cry 5 review ps4

Far Cry 5: The Pastor Versus The Father

What you are about to read are a series of observations and thoughts from a particular point of view. I don’t expect you to agree with me, but I hope that they spark conversations. And while some many...

Let Loose With Ubisoft’s Toys in the Far Cry Arcade

With it’s much anticipated release on March 27th and its live action tie-in freshly released on Prime Video, Far Cry 5 is shaping up to be a huge addition to Ubisoft’s Far Cry franchise. In case you m...

far cry 5

Go Inside Eden’s Gate With Far Cry 5’s Live Action Short

On March 5th, Ubisoft will be releasing an original short film in the world of Far Cry 5 entitled Inside Eden’s Gate. Produced by Asylum Entertainment, Inside Eden’s Gate will follow three vloggers fa...


Far Cry 5 System Specs Revealed – How Does Your System Measure Up?

Even though Far Cry 5 isn’t due out for awhile yet, devs don’t want to leave PC players without a chance to get their systems up to snuff. As a result, both the minimum and recommended sys...

Far Cry 5 review ps4

Far Cry Novel Peeks Behind the Game’s Curtain

If you love reading as well as delving deeper into your games’ lore, you’ll love Ubisoft’s announcement. A few days before the release of Far Cry 5, you’ll be able to read Abso...

Far Cry 5 Preview 2

Far Cry 5 gets extended gameplay reveal

Welp, as if I wasn’t sold on wiping out religious fanatics in the midwestern USA before, I am now. Today, as Gamescom kicks off in Germany, Ubisoft just posted a nice 8-minute long gameplay walk...

Hands On with Far Cry 5

Hands On with Far Cry 5 – It’s Living Up to Its Pedigree So Far

Ubisoft’s latest installment in their long-running open-world FPS series, Far Cry 5 has already stirring a lot of talk. Mostly it’s been about the controversy surrounding the game’s plot; a rural area...

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