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Get Minecraft with Xbox Game Pass in November

Get Minecraft with Xbox Game Pass in November

Minecraft is coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC on November 2nd, and it is a part of the bundle that includes both the Java and Bedrock Editions. Play Minecraft: Java Edition and Minecraft: Bedrock Editi...

Kingdom Come Deliverance - Minecraft Remake Trailer

Kingdom Come Deliverance – Minecraft Remake Trailer

A group of enthusiasts is creating a 1:1 recreation of Kingdom Come Deliverance in Minecraft. The project, titled Kingdom Craft Deliverance, received the reveal trailer that you can find above. You ca...

Minecraft Earth - All-New AR Mobile Game Announced

Minecraft Earth – All-New AR Mobile Game Announced

Minecraft has turned 10 years old! The community and the developers have joined in on the celebration. This very special occasion has seen the developers announce an all-new Minecraft AR experience, M...

MineCon Earth

MineCon EARTH Set For September 29th

Minecraft lovers have no fear, for MineCon, the yearly virtual Minecraft show, will be streaming worldwide September 29th. The show will be hosted by the brand director of Mojang, Lydia Winters as wel...

Star Wars Sequel Skin Pack

Minecraft Star Wars Sequel Skin Pack Available Now!

Minecraft‘s epic adventure continues in the Star Wars Sequel Skin Pack, which is available now! If you never took that hyper-space jump into playing Minecraft, then this skin pack might be the r...


Book Excerpt from Danica Davidson: Literacy & Minecraft

Danica Davidson is a woman with a mission: To promote literacy to young people who love Minecraft. She’s generously allowed us to publish a 2-chapter excerpt from one of her novels, An Unofficia...

Minecraft Aquatic

Update Aquatic Is Coming To Minecraft Spring 2018

Team Mojang has announced the Update Aquatic for Minecraft. It will come in Spring 2018 and bring with it a whole array of nautical wonders. Prepare to delve into the oceans which will be bigger than ...

Minecraft Brings In Stranger Things

Mojang team has sent out a quick word about the strange happenings in the world of Minecraft. Creepers will not be the only danger on your path as something hungry for blood comes to the game with the...

Minecraft Story Mode

Our Minecraft Story Mode Review for Nintendo Switch

Hot off the heels of its Season Two release, Minecraft Story Mode crashed onto the Nintendo Switch this week in true Telltale Games fashion: with immediate exposition, rapid quicktime events, witty hu...

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