Get Minecraft with Xbox Game Pass in November

Get Minecraft with Xbox Game Pass in November

Minecraft is coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC on November 2nd, and it is a part of the bundle that includes both the Java and Bedrock Editions. Play Minecraft: Java Edition and Minecraft: Bedrock Editi...

Star Wars Sequel Skin Pack

Minecraft Star Wars Sequel Skin Pack Available Now!

Minecraft‘s epic adventure continues in the Star Wars Sequel Skin Pack, which is available now! If you never took that hyper-space jump into playing Minecraft, then this skin pack might be the r...


Book Excerpt from Danica Davidson: Literacy & Minecraft

Danica Davidson is a woman with a mission: To promote literacy to young people who love Minecraft. She’s generously allowed us to publish a 2-chapter excerpt from one of her novels, An Unofficia...

Minecraft Story Mode

Our Minecraft Story Mode Review for Nintendo Switch

Hot off the heels of its Season Two release, Minecraft Story Mode crashed onto the Nintendo Switch this week in true Telltale Games fashion: with immediate exposition, rapid quicktime events, witty hu...


Minecraft Story Mode – The Complete Adventure Now Available on Switch

Minecraft fans will be happy to hear that Story Mode – The Complete Adventure is now out on Switch. Players can get hold of it at retail locations or via direct download. Minecraft Story Mode &#...

Adventure Time

Adventure Time & Minecraft Mixing It Up in New Mashup Pack

Minecraft and Adventure Time will be mixing it up soon when a new mashup pack is released. There will be themed blocks, special music, skins and much more. In addition, players will be able play as Fi...

Minecraft Nintendo Switch Microsoft

Microsoft Explains Minecraft 720p Resolution Limitation For Nintendo Switch

Microsoft Explains Why Minecraft Does Not Run At 1080p On Nintendo Switch Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition hit the eShop last week. According to review, however, the game only runs at 720p ...


Minecraft Headed to Switch in May, Completes Console Domination

Minecraft is coming to Nintendo Switch on May 11th. The big news came as part of Nintendo Direct alongside a virtual buffet of other game releases. Players can get hold of a digital copy of the game o...

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