Minecraft Earth - All-New AR Mobile Game Announced

Minecraft Earth – All-New AR Mobile Game Announced

Minecraft has turned 10 years old! The community and the developers have joined in on the celebration. This very special occasion has seen the developers announce an all-new Minecraft AR experience, M...

MineCon Earth

MineCon EARTH Set For September 29th

Minecraft lovers have no fear, for MineCon, the yearly virtual Minecraft show, will be streaming worldwide September 29th. The show will be hosted by the brand director of Mojang, Lydia Winters as wel...

Minecraft Aquatic

Update Aquatic Is Coming To Minecraft Spring 2018

Team Mojang has announced the Update Aquatic for Minecraft. It will come in Spring 2018 and bring with it a whole array of nautical wonders. Prepare to delve into the oceans which will be bigger than ...

Minecraft Brings In Stranger Things

Mojang team has sent out a quick word about the strange happenings in the world of Minecraft. Creepers will not be the only danger on your path as something hungry for blood comes to the game with the...

Minecraft 1998

What If Minecraft Was Made In 1998?

A Youtube user 98DEMAKE has presented the latest video in his “what if” series. This time the author “moved” Minecraft back to 1998 and tried to imagine what would be the diffe...

Minecraft Switch

Minecraft – Nintendo Switch Gameplay Video

Minecraft – Nintendo Switch Gameplay Video Digital version of Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition will see the light of the day already on May 11th  with physical edition coming a bit later. The ...

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