Overwatch Anniversary 2019 Event is Here!

Overwatch Anniversary 2019 Event is Here!

Overwatch Anniversary 2019 event has kicked off in the game, bringing players a cavalcade of new skins, intros, emotes, sprays and so much more. Not only is there a lot of new stuff to look forward to...

Havana Overwatch

Overwatch – Havana Map is Now Playable!

Cuba awaits! The latest escort map, Havana, is now live in Overwatch and is looking for brave heroes to get on that payload! Get ready to explore the heart of Cuba. Discover the old colonial fortifica...

Overwatch Havana

Overwatch – New Escort Map Havana is Now on PTR

The developers from Activision Blizzard have revealed a new teaser video to give their players a taste of a new escort map coming to the game soon. Get ready to explore the heart of Cuba, Havana. Disc...

Overwatch Cosplay Battle - Behind the Scenes

Overwatch Cosplay Battle – Behind the Scenes

Blizzard’s Overwatch team has published a new video celebrating the participants of the Cosplay Battle and showing fans a glimpse of what is happening behind the scenes. More than a competition,...

New Overwatch Hero - Baptiste Origin Story

New Overwatch Hero – Baptiste Origin Story

Blizzard has unveiled the latest character to join the roster of Overwatch – previously teased Haitian combat medic Jean-Baptiste Augustin is the mysterious hero 30. Check out his origin story i...

Behind the Scenes Cookiewatch Overwatch

Overwatch – Behind the Scenes of Cookiewatch

Recently, the developers of team shooter Overwatch have released a short stop-motion animation titled Cookiewatch, telling a story of naughty Reaper and dutiful Tracer squabbling over a tray of cookie...

Happy Holidays 2018 Overwatch Kim Jung Gi

Happy Holidays 2018 | Overwatch

D.Va instructs Korean artist Kim Jung Gi to bring together the Overwatch team for the Holidays 2018 with a drawing! Don’t forget to join Tracer and Reaper for the Cookiewatch duty to celebrate t...

Overwatch - The Cookiewatch Duty

Overwatch – The Cookiewatch Duty

PlayOverwatch Youtube channel has been updated with a new holiday video titled Cookiewatch, featuring Tracer trying to defend Santa’s cookies from naughty Reaper. Will she succeed? Watch the vid...

Winter Wonderland 2018

Overwatch Seasonal Event | Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2018

The Christmas seasonal even is coming to Overwatch, marking the arrival of Winter Wonderland 2018. Players now have access to the 2 special brawls – Yeti Hunter and Mei’s Snowball Offensiv...

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