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Tekken 7

Noctis of Final Fantasy Comes to Tekken 7 On March 20

Tekken Developer Bandai Namco and Square Enix are tag-teaming to bring some new Final Fantasy styled DLC to Tekken 7. The competitive brawler will see an infusion Final Fantasy inspired costumes, tune...

Noctis from Final Fantasy XV is Headed to Tekken 7

If you’re a fan of Final Fantasy XV and Tekken 7, today’s a happy day. During the Tekken World Tour finals, Bandai Namco announced Noctis is headed to T7. In Tekken 7, he will use his sign...

Tekken 7

Bandai Namco Announces Tekken 7 DLC #1

Bandai Namco has invited players to shine up their virtual bowling balls with the announcement of Tekken 7 DLC #1, bringing back the ultimate Tekken Bowl. The DLC will launch on August 31 and will inc...


Tekken 7 Review

The King of Iron Fist Tournament is back. And we say “Hello old friend, it’s been a long time.” Fans of the Tekken series indeed had to patient. While the predecessors  on average were released with t...

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