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Prey Mooncrash review

Prey: Mooncrash Review

Prey’s new “alternate game mode” Mooncrash is something of an anomaly. You have to launch Prey to launch Mooncrash, which then closes Prey to open the mystery first-person roguelike....

8.2 Great

Prey Now Has a “Trial Version” On All Platforms

Prior to its release, Prey for consoles had a demo version available. PC players were left out in the cold. Today, however, that changes with the arrival of a Trial Version on ALL platforms. Prey free...

Prey 7 minutes

Prey Beaten In Under 7 Minutes

A speedrunner known as Seeker strikes again. He has set a new record in getting to the Prey finale. It took him under 7 minutes to reach the end. The previous record was set by streamer Bjurnie. It to...

Review - Prey

Prey Review

Arkane Studios has done something that I haven’t experienced in gaming in a long, long while. It has created Prey, a game that actually makes me think. Sure, it’s a thinking player’s game in terms of ...

8.7 Great

Our Prey Bullet Point Review in Progress

I have to admit that Prey isn’t usually the kind of game that I play. I generally have always generally liked third person games better. I guess there’s something to be said for seeing you...

Prey launch

Prey Launch Trailer & Massive Day One Patch Plans

Bethesda is unleashing the Prey launch trailer on the world today. Players can get hands on the game starting May 5th on platforms including PC, PlayStation 4 & XBox One. Prey Launch Trailer &...

Story of prey

Prey: How a Demo Saved Me $60

It’s been awhile since major game releases put out demos before they launched. The last few weeks, however, have been sort of a renaissance for this practice. Dragon Quest Heroes II, Snipperclips, Puy...

Story of prey

Crafting the story of Prey

Crafting the story of Prey & TranStar Bethesda has published a new blog post as well as video dedicated to its upcoming FPS Prey. This time the developers share details about how the story of the ...

Prey - Recycle Everything

Prey – Recycle Everything

To cebelrate the Earth Day, Bethesda Softworks shared a new gameplay trailer for upcoming project Prey. Prey – Recycle Everything Gameplay Trailer Earth Day might be all about our planet… but th...

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