Prey Now Has a “Trial Version” On All Platforms

Prior to its release, Prey for consoles had a demo version available. PC players were left out in the cold. Today, however, that changes with the arrival of a Trial Version on ALL platforms. Prey free...

Our Prey Bullet Point Review in Progress

I have to admit that Prey isn’t usually the kind of game that I play. I generally have always generally liked third person games better. I guess there’s something to be said for seeing you...

Story of prey

Prey: How a Demo Saved Me $60

It’s been awhile since major game releases put out demos before they launched. The last few weeks, however, have been sort of a renaissance for this practice. Dragon Quest Heroes II, Snipperclips, Puy...

Prey Demo

Prey Demo Gives Players a Taste Through the Game’s First Hour

Bethesda has announced that a Prey demo will be released the same day as the full game. Players can check out the first hour of the game as well as game play features. The sci-fi adventure title is du...

Prey launch date gaming news

Prey Launch Date and New Trailer

Yesterday, Bethesda announced the Prey launch date and showed off a new trailer that highlights gameplay in the atmospheric sci-fi FPS. Hold onto your butts, because the Xbox One, PS4, and PC release ...

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