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Fan-made trailer Rend

Fan-made Gameplay Videos For Rend

Fan-Made Pre-Alpha Trailer for Rend by Latrell Frederick A Youtube user Latrell Frederick uploaded a fan-made video dedicated to upcoming Survival project Rend. The video shows him and other players h...

Rend Bestiary

Rend – Check Out The Game’s Bestiary

Thanks to the screenshots from players posted on the official site of the game, we can take a closer look at Bestiary of Rend. The list of the animals will be updated as new life-forms are encountered...

Rend Arsenal

Rend – Vast Arsenal of Destruction

Frostkeep has published a new blog post dedicated to the vast arsenal players will get their hands on in Rend. That includes ballistae, bombs, makeshift weapons, traps as well as siege weapons and muc...


Rend Introduces Environments

Environments Play a Huge Role In Rend Frostkeep put out another Rend blog. This one focuses on environments and locations players will be able to visit in game. Keep an eye out on the temperature, flo...

Rend Classes

Rend Devs Explain Primary And Secondary Classes

The developers of Survival title Rend put up a new blog post dedicated to the player classes. There is a total of 4 classes – Assassin, Soldier, Survivalist and Mystic – available to choos...


Rend Devs Talk About Factions

Rend is a hybrid survival game that features both PvP and PvE. Players must choose of the three possible factions before they appear in the brutal world of the game. Earlier this week the developers p...

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