Sea of Thieves Cosmetics

Sea of Thieves – Update 1.0.6 Adds More Cosmetics & A Fancy Rifle

Pirate-themed action-adventure game Sea of Thieves continues to expand!  The developers have listened to players clamouring for more customization and cosmetics and delivered expanded sets for Admiral...

Sea Of Thieves and “Games as a Service”

How does one define, “content?” I don’t ask this out of posterity, or some cynical notion by which to seem facetious. This is, I think, a very relevant question that we must always ask in this industr...

death tax

Sea of Thieves – Death Tax Removal

Rare’s multiplayer game Sea of Thieves sailed into full release a week ago.  Since then the developers have been hard at work patching and fixing unexpected errors as well as introducing changes...

Sea Of Thieves’ Broken Launch State Is Inexcusable

Rare’s latest game for Xbox and PC, Sea of Thieves, launched this past Tuesday after much hype. It’s fair to say that anticipation for this game was high, given its showing the past two E3 conferences...

Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves announces cross-platform play and launch date news at Gamescom

Gamescom week began last week for some as many continue to land today in Cologne for this annual gaming convention. Straight off the bat Microsoft developers RARE LTD confirmed that Sea of Thieves wil...

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