Check Out Some Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Switch Gameplay

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, the space-faring adventure game from Double Damage, just gave us all a preview of the game on Nintendo Switch.

Over on the official Rebel Galaxy Outlaw page, Double Damage posted a preview of Rebel Galaxy Outlaw’s gameplay on the Switch. Over the course of seven minutes, anybody waiting to take to the stars on Nintendo’s platform was treated to a look at this work in progress. The gameplay glimpse puts viewers squarely in the cockpit as the developers take us for a dogfight in a single-seater craft. As you’d expect it is all lasers, explosions, and cool background music as the player view ducks and weaves in a fashion that is all about having a great time.

The PC Launch

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is the prequel to the original Rebel Galaxy game. Released via the Epic storefront on 13 August, it has already given PC players the opportunity to return to the universe of rebel Galaxy on a much grander scale. Following a series of underhanded dealings, intrigue, and conspiracies, Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is the sort of space western that fans of Firefly or Cowboy Bebop alike will gravitate towards. This incredibly stylish take on rogue trading in a galaxy far far away managed critical praise when it launched and the developer confirmed that a Playstation 4 and Switch port was on the way. Just check out the official FAQ.

Thankfully it looks like the Switch port, while a work in progress, hasn’t lost any of the shine on moving to a smaller screen. Causing space-based carnage still looks as fun as ever. While we do not know the launch date for the Nintendo Switch port or the cost of getting off world, I will be waiting by the launch D-pad. Check out the preview above and head over to the official website for more details on Rebel galaxy Outlaw.

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