Far Cry 5 Launches Hours of Darkness DLC

Far Cry 5 by Ubisoft has had an exceptional response both critically and by fans around the globe. As their first encore expansion for Far Cry 5, Ubisoft has launched their Hours of Darkness expansion that takes players into the memory of Hope County resident Wendell Redler, as he recounts the tale of when he was shot down behind enemy lines.  Wendells tale takes place during the Vietnam War, a start contrast to the fictitious Hope County Montana Setting.  In coordination with the release of the Hours of Darkness DLC, Ubisoft has released a launch video outlining what players can expect to encounter along Wendells journey of survivial.


They trailer shows a harrowing experience, rife with sneaking through the jungle, finding prisoners of way, surviving a crocodile attack, and even wrestling with a panther.  In addition to saving your fellow comrades while putting down dozens of enemy combatants, Far Cry 5: Hours of Darkness also introduces many new features to the Far Cry 5 universe such as new weapon, new gear, and new skills. After successfully finding a way to save your team and evacuate the area safely, player will then unlock new modes of gameplay which will bring you back into the jungles of Vietnam adding new challenges and replay value.

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For the uninitiated to Far Cry 5, the base game is required to play Hours of Darkness, and has dozens of hours of game time which includes building your character the way you want and exploring Hope County Montana, which is being heavily influenced by a charismatic leader. After enjoying the largest and most customizable Far Cry ever, you can purchase the season pass for 29.99 which will give you access to Hours of Darkness as well as two more future DLCs.  The Hours of Darkness DLC can also be purchased on its own for 11.99 on steam now.

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