Tannenberg Event Brings On The Wolves

During World War I while soldiers on the Western Front were dealing with trench warfare and mustard gas, the Eastern Front was plagued with…wolves? Based on historical records including an article from the New York Times, developers M2H and Blackmill Games have announced The Wolf Truce, a limited time special event for team-based FPS Tannenburg, will run April 12 through April 21.

During every battle over the weekend, a pack of ravenous wolves will bring chaos to the battlefield with attacks continuing on Winter maps throughout the entirety of the event. Players will choose how to respond to the threat – will they team up to purge the field of the new menace or embrace the chaos and use the distraction to strengthen their position in the match? If all players survive a wolf attack without attacking players on the other team everyone will walk away with a special medal to commemorate the event.

As an added bonus, anyone thinking of picking up Tannenburg can tap into a 60% discount on Saturday, April 13th.

About Tannenberg

Tannenberg plunges players into the fierce maelstrom of the Eastern Front in WW1, as the Russian
Empire battles the Austro-Hungarian Empire and their German allies. Warfare in the final days of these
three empires includes six distinct squads, 50+ weapons, six open maps that give players tactical
freedom, and a 64 player game mode with full AI bot support so you can experience epic battles at any
time! The first game in the WW1 Game Series, Verdun, has sold more than 1,300,000 units to date.

Tannenberg key features include:
Authentic WW1 atmosphere; accuracy in everything from maps and weaponry to uniforms
Tactical squad-based FPS; play as Russian, Roumanian, Bulgarian, Austro-Hungarian and German
Eastern Front landscapes; large maps with weather variants from deep snow to summer sun
64 player Maneuver game mode; capture strategic sectors in grand battles of movement
Never fight alone; AI bots for Maneuver so you can join epic battles at any time

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