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A Beginners Guide to the Esports Industry

Over the years, esports has been growing, and we’ve witnessed a revolution with many people now making a lot of money from playing professionally and promoting the event. There are different areas to ...

Video Games Dominating 2022

Video Games Dominating 2022

While some people are still playing PUBG or going on another The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim adventure, there is an abundance of fresh PC games that will satisfy your gaming appetite better than you think...

Final Fantasy XVI

The Top Video Game Restaurants We Want to See in Real Life

Are you feeling hungry? Well, you will be soon. Everyone loves going out for a nice evening meal, with friends and family, for fun, for business or for celebrations. However, it’s not just us humans t...


An Interesting Old Card Game You Can Play with Family: Euchre

There is an ocean of card games that you could choose to play with your family when you have a beanfeast. However, not every card game is fun and engaging throughout gameplay. Euchre is a fast-paced g...

Gaming Chair

What Gaming Chair Should You Use?

Gaming is becoming many people’s passion for many reasons. It is relaxing and helps in taking your mind off stressful situations. Many games invented these days are intended to promote collaboration a...

How to Become a Pro Gamer in 2022

Playing games just for fun is different from playing games in a professional manner. The idea that earning money is possible by playing games sounds fascinating but how exactly easy is the process? If...

Video Games Development

Five Different Career Options that Gamers Should Know About

Most gamers out there want to become a streamer out there, but it is something that only a handful of people are able to achieve because of their skillset and luck. It is a dream for most people but u...

Exciting Games Coming in 2022

The Most Exciting Games Coming in 2022

After a year of disappointments with several big franchises missing the mark, such as Battlefield 2042, new games came out to massive success like Elden Ring, which was praised by journalists and play...

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