Author: Arkady Random

A lover of RPGs and taking interesting characters through virtual worlds.

Total War: Arena

Total War: Arena – Open Beta Battles Roar onto the Horizon

Strategy fans, mark your calendars for February 22nd because Total War: ARENA is launching their Open Beta period. To mark the event, Wargaming Alliance and Creative Assembly have announced the debut ...


Obsidian Trademark Treasure Uncovered by Community Member

RPG Watch came across an interesting bit of information earlier from an Obsidian forum member. According to the report community member and backer Prestidigitator unearthed a new, and unannounced, Tra...

Dusk Early Access Review

DUSK Early Access Review – Fast, Fun, Brutal Mayhem

Welcome to a pulse-pounding, metal thrashing, twisted and bloody world full of cultists, possessed soldiers, and demons trying to end your life. The only way forward is with bullets, blood, and mayhem...

My Time At Portia

How is My Time At Portia? In a word… lovely.

Some time ago, in the distant past, our civilization fell into ruin. The wonders of that age became forgotten mysteries and treasures to be unearthed by intrepid adventurers. Your estranged father has...


Simulacra Review – Nothing Is What It Seems

SIMULACRA at its heart is a well layered puzzle game that unravels the story of a mysterious disappearance, but as you’ll see often repeated in the game, nothing is as it seems. Beyond the obvious pro...

Rogue Trooper Redux review

Rogue Trooper Redux Review

Our hero Rogue is sort of like a mashup of The Rock, Riddick, and Rambo. He’s a blue-skinned engineered super soldier that’s been wronged in the worst sort of way. His entire genetic family has been m...

8 Great

Rogue Trooper Redux is successfully resurrecting a cult hit shooter…

Rogue Trooper Redux is a story driven third person shooter coming to Steam October 17th. Set in the comic book universe of the same name found in the British publication 2000AD, Rogue Trooper was orig...

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