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Hardspace: Shipbreaker

Hardspace Shipbreaker PC Review

Games that matter far or not so far in the future are very rarely optimistic in their forecasts the standard set: contains megacorporations, the devaluation of life, haunts the environment, and a terr...

6.5 Fair
Soda Crisis Review

Soda Crisis PC Review

Soda Crisis is not only an insanely addictive platform game but also a game with outstanding visuals that will not leave you indifferent. The game is developed by Team Soda. The game has excellent rat...

7.5 Good
V Rising - PC Review

V Rising – PC Review

Despite a slight delay, recently Stunlock Studios new indie game V Rising successfully moved into early access, opening its doors to players willing to part with a small amount of their hard-earned ca...

9 Amazing
Ravenous Devils PC Review

Ravenous Devils PC Review: Vegans Won’t Like This Place

The horror genre has rarely managed to surprise players in recent years. Everyone always expects endless pursuit and running around, where you most often cannot resist the local evil, plus screamers, ...

7 Good
Trek to Yomi

Trek to Yomi PC Review

Trek to Yomi is a side view action-adventure game created by Shadow Warrior series creator, Flying Wild Hog Leonard Menchiari. The recipients take on the role of a young samurai Hiroki who embarks on ...

8.5 Great
Expedition Zero PC Review 2022

Expedition Zero PC Review

Expedition Zero is a horror adventure game enriched with survival elements. The game was developed by Enigmatic Machines and released by tinyBuild. The Siberian hinterland is an unfriendly place in it...

6.5 Fair
Martha is Dead

Martha is Dead PC Review

Martha is Dead could become a classic detective and sometimes really tries to seem like one with a sweet twist of mysticism and psychological drama. This is our Martha is Dead PC review. Town of Light...

6 Fair

Black Desert Online Mountain of Eternal Winter & Drakania Gameplay Preview

Black Desert Online is a game with a complicated history, controversial reviews, and conflicting ratings. What made her so popular? Why is she loved and hated? Let’s take a quick look at the pro...

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