Author: C. T. Murphy

C. T. Murphy is an avid gamer and occasional writer. When he's not trying to find the last two items he needs for all achievements in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, he can be found at his personal blog, Murf Versus ((


Driftland: The Magic Revival Aims to Revive the Fantasy Strategy Game Genre

Imagine playing Age of Empires, Majesty, and Skies of Arcadia simultaneously. That’s Driftland: The Magic Revival, a strategy game that hit Steam Early Access in November 2017. Already the game’s deve...


Slay the Spire Has Slain My Free Time

Just ten minutes into Slay the Spire and I knew this was the game for me. It had all the great beats of a fun deck building game (i.e the board game Dominion or arena mode in Hearthstone). It had the ...

Son of Scoregasm review

Son of Scoregasm May Never Let You Finish

Imagine yourself alone in a small room. Suddenly, shapes start appearing and come hurtling toward you. They close in. You dodge. Things look grim and boom, you’ve just turned all of them into glowing ...

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