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EverQuest II - Visions of Vetrovia Review

EverQuest II – Visions of Vetrovia PC Review

EverQuest II is an older MMORPG, yet every year it comes out with a new expansion, more content and still seems to have a regular and consistent fan following. This year they released Visions of Vetro...

6 Fair
EverQuest II - Visions of Vetrovia Review

EverQuest II – Visions of Vetrovia Expansion Interview

We had a chance to sit down and interview Jenn Chan and Kyle Valle for an in-depth look at their latest expansion and what EQ2 has been up to lately with Darkpaw Studios. It may have ended up as all g...


WTFBBQ – Big Studios vs Indies

Welcome to this week’s WTFBBQ – we’re starting to get a little low on the fuel barrel, but with some of the things that have been going on lately, that’s not a problem. LetR...

Albedon Wars

Albedon Wars for PC Review

TCGs aren’t exploding as much as things like battle royales have, but they’ve still flooded the game scene, in so much as there are only so many players who look to play TCGs. There are mo...

4.5 Poor

WTFBBQ: Solo Vs. Group Play (in MMOs)

Welcome to a new weekly edition of WTFBBQ-where we talk about the stuff that makes forums explode, but ends up just being a bunch of people venting their egos and piling more gasoline on an already fl...

Ship of Heroes preview

Visiting Ship of Heroes in the CCT Beta

Ship Of Heroes launched it’s CCT beta-character creation test-this past week, and I was able to pop in and take a look at it. Many thanks to the folks manning the desk, as I had a bit of a hiccu...


WTFBBQ: F2P vs. B2P vs. Subs

So, today you’ll notice we have a threeway bout, based largely on how games get you to open your wallet and to pry cash from your hands. Feeling like you’re being bilked is always a hot to...


GDA Photo Gallery

I took a lot of pictures while we were at the GDA, and some helpful folks were willing to help me put names and faces to some of the people in the pictures I got. I didn’t get names from everyon...

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