Author: Kris Brooks

Long time tech, gadget and all around geek. I love cars, computers and movies and most importantly my family.

Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey Review

Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey Review

Humankind has always progressed and evolved. Through thick and thin we continue to prove our place.  Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey puts the player into a wonderful and scary world, one in which onl...

7.5 Good
Rise: Race the Future Review

Rise: Race the Future Review

Recently release by developer VD-DEV, Rise: Race the Future is an Arcade-style racing game. Racing games are of course a dime a dozen and to be honest I was a bit skeptical if this would be worth tryi...

6 Fair

Slender: The Arrival

When it comes to horror games, I am of course no stranger. I remember way back playing games like F.E.A.R and Quake and dare I say Wolfenstein. There are key aspects to horror games that I look for to...

6 Fair
Assetto Corsa Competizione Review

Assetto Corsa Competizione Review

Racing games are always pushing the limits of physics, realism, and skill with each passing year. Many titles from Forza to grand Turismo the real factor has become ever more popular and aim to push t...

7 Good

Blades of Time for Nintendo Switch

It’s wonderful to see older titles getting new life as they are ported to newer consoles. One of those is Blades of Time, the sequel to X-Blades and originally released back in 2012. Ports have ...

5 Average

[Press Release] Dauntless Arrives May 21 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and The Epic Games Store

Dauntless Hunt Pass Season 5: Hidden Blades, the Mastery system, a complete campaign rework, and more land simultaneously with PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Epic Games store launches Phoenix Labs today ...

Elder Scrolls: Blades hits $1.5 million revenue in first month

Bethesda’s latest mobile game was originally released to invite-only early access in March 2019, with full beta release in April.   The Elder Scrolls: Blades though not the top ranking in n...

Frostpunk Celebrates its First Year with over 1.4 Million Copies Sold

11 bit studios have had ahugely successful run this past year. Their highly popular title Frostpunk has sold over 1.4 million copies on PC. Next wonderful achievement, Frostpunk is coming to both Xbox...

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