Author: Markus Rohringer

Inventor of the hole-in-the-ground of shame. Why would you make a pile? Save yourself these reproachful stares.

Death end re;Quest Review

Death end re;Quest Review

Death end re;Quest is an odd mixture of visual novel and JRPG, of a dark narrative tone including gruesome death scenes and cheesy and fan service-y anime tropes. Developer Compile Heart/Idea Factory ...

6.8 Fair
Everything review

Everything Review – Nintendo Switch Edition

I game, therefore I am – I am pretty convinced that this is what the famous philosopher René Descartes would have said, if there would have already existed computer games in his time. Just kidding. Ho...

8.2 Great
Bullet Witch review

Bullet Witch – The PC Port that nobody asked for

Bullet Witch was originally released in 2007 for Xbox 360. Even back then it received only mixed reviews at best. Now, 11 years later, suddenly a PC port appears. While fans of other games are begging...

5 Average
NHL 18 review

NHL 18 Review

With yearly-published sports game series like FIFA, NHL or Madden NFL fans always have to ask themselves if the new incarnation is worth their money. Licenses and updated teams aside, gameplaywise the...

8 Great
The Lion's Song

You Should Be Playing – The Lion’s Song

The Viennese indie developer studio Mi’pu’mi Games has mainly been involved in commissioned projects in the past, among others most prominently supporting IO Interactive with the new episodic Hitman g...


Tekken 7 Review

The King of Iron Fist Tournament is back. And we say “Hello old friend, it’s been a long time.” Fans of the Tekken series indeed had to patient. While the predecessors  on average were released with t...

8 Great

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