Author: Kasey GIlder


Call of Cthulhu Review

Dreams. Dreams show more than you could imagine. Things can get into your dreams and show you your future, your past, talk to you, manipulate you, terrify you, and so much more. Your name is Edward Pr...

8 Great
Blood Bowl Legendary Edition

Blood Bowl, the true game of Fantasy Football

Pass, catch and beat your way to victory in this turn-based sports game of carnage by Games Workshop.  This is our review of the Blood Bowl Legendary Edition. Blood Bowl was created back in 1986 by Je...


The True Warriors of Chaos Enter Total War: Warhammer: Hands On with Norsca

Hunt down monsters. Hunt down the weak. Hunt for life, glory, and power. Such is the will of the Gods. We went hands on with Norsca, the new free faction added to Total War: Warhammer, over the weeken...

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