Author: Joseph Bradford

Joseph has been a freelance games journalist for the last 5 years, having written for multiple mainstream outlets. He loves all things technology and gaming and relishes the chance to write something new about them. When not writing, Joseph enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter in his home town of Las Vegas and explaining in detail why Balrogs do not have wings. You can argue with him on Twitter at @LotrLore.


Samurai Shodown Review

When I was growing up, there were always two games I’d play in the arcade: Soul Edge and Samurai Shodown. I was good at both – really good. Every Saturday morning, my parents would take me to th...

8.5 Great
Judgment Review

Judgment Review

The world that SEGA’s Yakuza franchise has created as been beloved for about two decades, so being able to explore the seedy underbelly of Kamurocho again was a treat. SEGA’s new game, Judgment, is a ...

8 Great

PDP’s Next Fight Pad Controller is Based on Sonic the Hedgehog

When many think back to the Gamecube era of Nintendo, one of the first names that comes up is Sonic the Hedgehog. Ok, so maybe that’s not entirely true, but the blue Hedgehog with attitude has found i...

Total War: Three Kingdoms Review

Total War: Three Kingdoms Review

Since the days of Shogun: Total War over a decade ago, I’ve dreamt of the time periods and settings future Total War titles would explore. We’ve been to Rome twice, as well as Medieval Europe. We retu...

9 Amazing
Victrix Pro FS Arcade Stick Review

Victrix Pro FS Arcade Stick Review

There is something to be said about striving to be the best. As a kid growing up, my father would always push me to do something with everything I have or to not do it at all. Halfway or shoddily done...

Justin Wong winning Evo 2014

On Leaving Echo Fox And Finding A New Path – An Interview With Justin Wong

If you’ve followed the FGC for any length of time, few names stand out over the course of its storied history immediately: Daigo “The Beast” Umehara, Hajime “Tokido” Tani...

22nd DICE Awards 2019

22nd D.I.C.E. Awards Winners, ‘God of War’ Takes Home Impressive Nine Awards

This evening in Las Vegas, The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences (AIAS), a non-profit organization which is dedicated to the advancement and recognition of interactive arts, celebrated the 22...

Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight Review - Dancing Queen

Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight Review – Dancing Queen

When I was growing up, Rhythm games were one of my favorite genres to play. I remember before band practice every Tuesday walking to the local arcade and playing four hours of Dance Dance Revolution. ...

7.5 Good

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