Jacob Semmes

Autism Dad. Ex-Professor. Semmes has a deep love for Final Fantasy XV and still considers Xenogears to be one of the best storytelling RPGs of old.



Culdcept Revolt Review

The Culdcept series has been around for a bit, as far back 1997 on the Sega Saturn. It has since released games on almost all Playstations except the PS4 as well as the Xbox 360, and this newest edition on the Nintendo 3DS. I loaded into Culdcept Revolt completely naive to the series and it came highly recommended as a blend of Monopoly and Magic: The Gathering. This is apparently the most common ...[Read More]



Mystik Belle Review

Mystik Belle was released in 2015 on pretty much every available console, including the Ouya, if the Ouya really counts. Every console except the Xbox One, that is. But the Belle McFae and the Hagmore School of Magic have finally landed on the Xbox with all their original beautifully nostalgia induced charm and retro-inspired gameplay. Mystik Belle is a gem of an indie game from Last Dimension, a ...[Read More]

Epic Tavern Early Access Impressions

Epic Tavern is partly a mix of sim management and part RPG adventure being developed by Hyperkinetic Studios. On one hand, you’re the owner of a fledgling tavern. On the other, you’re a mercenary contractor who sends brave (and by brave I mean gullible) adventures on quests for gold, loot, and reputation. If you’ve always wanted to have a living breathing tavern a la Dungeons and Dragons, then Epi...[Read More]

Tyranny: The Bastard’s Wound Review

Tyranny: the game you play when you are tired of everyone’s bullshit. Patience goes from zero to corpse-ified in exactly on mouse click. I once sent a message from the top of a spire to the bottom by throwing a person off with a note strapped to them. Email. I told the people below I was tired of their bullshit. In Tyranny, you don’t have to deal with anyone’s bullshit and in its first DLC, The Ba...[Read More]

Our Necrosphere Review

Fireballs. All. The. Fireballs. If you don’t enjoy dying ad nauseam to floating pixelated fireballs, then Necrosphere is not the game for you. Even if you do like dying to pixelated fireballs, Necrosphere still might not be the game for you. Necrosphere touts itself as being a frustratingly difficult Metroidvania in which players can only use two keys. That’s right: two keys. Four generations of c...[Read More]

Ken Follet’s The Pillars of Earth Review

The Pillars of Earth is an immersive reminder that 1135 England was quite possibly the worst place on Earth. Do you like dying in childbirth in a forest in the middle of winter because your husband is too prideful to take a great job? Check. Abandoning babies to die in the freezing forest on a whim because you’re quite possibly the worst father ever? Check.Committing suicide because the devil was ...[Read More]

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