Author: Jacob Semmes

Autism Dad. Ex-Professor. Semmes has a deep love for Final Fantasy XV and still considers Xenogears to be one of the best storytelling RPGs of old.


Dynasty Warriors 9 Dynasty Warrior 9 Review

Guan Yu, the God of War, has never sounded so bored. Perhaps it’s because I had to play with the English dub before release, but I really really wish I hadn’t heard the English voice over. Guan Yu’s a...

5 Average
Epic Tavern

A Quick Look at Epic Tavern: The August Update

I returned to the Groggy Wench, piqued by the prospect of newly upgraded shinies, and not sure what to expect as I stared at the rarely cleaned wooden entrance. Gosh, my tavern was a dump. Renowned fo...

Zwei: The Ilvard Insurrection review

Zwei: The Ilvard Insurrection Review

The opening scene of Zwei: The Ilvard Insurrection is fairly fantastic and is deliberately stylized to look like a PS2 game’s CGI opening scene. Rocking music introduces our protagonist, Ragna, with f...

Total War Arena

Wargaming and Creative Assembly Want Total War to Go Full On Competitive

While at the Wargaming office in San Francisco, I met with Creative Assembly’s Developer Communications Joshua Williams to get some insight behind Total War’s first free-to-play PvP title: Total War A...

Total War Arena

Total War Arena is looking like the perfect blend of competitive gaming and mass warfare

While at the Wargaming offices in San Francisco, the Wargaming Alliance team gave me an exclusive look at the next Roman commander in Total War Arena, Sulla. We also had the chance to play a bunch of ...


Culdcept Revolt Review

The Culdcept series has been around for a bit, as far back 1997 on the Sega Saturn. It has since released games on almost all Playstations except the PS4 as well as the Xbox 360, and this newest editi...

7 Good
Mystik Belle review

Mystik Belle Review

Mystik Belle was released in 2015 on pretty much every available console, including the Ouya, if the Ouya really counts. Every console except the Xbox One, that is. But the Belle McFae and the Hagmore...

8.5 Great
Epic Tavern

Epic Tavern Early Access Impressions

Epic Tavern is partly a mix of sim management and part RPG adventure being developed by Hyperkinetic Studios. On one hand, you’re the owner of a fledgling tavern. On the other, you’re a mercenary cont...

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