Author: Jacob Semmes

Autism Dad. Ex-Professor. Semmes has a deep love for Final Fantasy XV and still considers Xenogears to be one of the best storytelling RPGs of old.

Bastard's Wound

Tyranny: The Bastard’s Wound Review

Tyranny: the game you play when you are tired of everyone’s bullshit. Patience goes from zero to corpse-ified in exactly on mouse click. I once sent a message from the top of a spire to the bottom by ...

7 Good

Our Necrosphere Review

Fireballs. All. The. Fireballs. If you don’t enjoy dying ad nauseam to floating pixelated fireballs, then Necrosphere is not the game for you. Even if you do like dying to pixelated fireballs, Necrosp...

Pillars of Earth

Ken Follet’s The Pillars of Earth Review

The Pillars of Earth is an immersive reminder that 1135 England was quite possibly the worst place on Earth. Do you like dying in childbirth in a forest in the middle of winter because your husband is...

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