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Game of Thrones Title in the Works from Bethesda? Possibly!

With the finale of Game of Thrones, Season 7 airing last night it seems a very convenient time perhaps for news of retail chain super giant Target and their  listing for Game of Thrones by Bethesda to...

Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves announces cross-platform play and launch date news at Gamescom

Gamescom week began last week for some as many continue to land today in Cologne for this annual gaming convention. Straight off the bat Microsoft developers RARE LTD confirmed that Sea of Thieves wil...


New Website & Big Updates Incoming for Friday the 13th

Developers of the Friday 13th Game, Illfonic, have released a new website with a ton of new features on the way for Friday October 13th. New website and updates galore On the new website you’ll find t...


Perhaps now is the time to push Trump off the cliff?

Two weeks ago this “game”  was brought to my attention and I jokingly thought I might write about it yet didn’t. However, today it has come across my twitter feed again showing me that the 3 million h...

Community Inc

You Should Be Playing Community Inc from TinyBuild

Partnering up with Tiny Build, T4interactive launched Community Inc on Steam last week. This game, just by looking at its name is everything you’d expect as you manage a community on your own pl...


Hob gets a release date of September 26th for PC and PS4!

Bought to you way back on December 2015 Hob is an action adventure game filled with some of the most incredible visuals as you try to save a beautiful planet filled with whimsical creatures from an un...

Atlas Reactor Nev

Atlas Reactor: Kitten Kabooming into Season 3 Chapter 3!

There is a whole lot of hoopla this week as TRION WORLDS team based arena battler Atlas Reactor launches Chapter 3 with the newest Freelancer. Nev:3 – The Kitten Kaboomer New Evolutionary Varian...

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