Author: Molly Jones

English Writing Skills

How Video Games Can Boost Your English Writing Skills

Young students are in love with video games! It is the perfect escape from the everyday stress of assignments and the dull classroom environment. However, little do people know these are the ideal way...

Leisure Time

6 Fun Things To Do In Your Leisure Time

It’s summertime, which means it is time to explore fun things that you can do during your leisure time. Whether you are traveling or at home with the kids, there are many fun activities that you...

Mobile Games

Most Anticipated Mobile Games in 2022

Ever since its emergence in the mid-1990s, when we would spend hours playing Snake on tiny little green screens, mobile gaming went on to become a powerhouse within the video game industry, with a mar...

eSports 2

The Best Way to Play Online With Your Friends for Money

Online games opened up a world of possibilities. Nowadays you can play games online with your friends and basically create a second virtual life using these digital avatars. However, these games can b...

Rhythm Games

Best Rhythm Games to Play Online

Rhythm games have been around for a while. Born in Japan, they came to the West in the 90s. And took the market by storm. Tapping buttons to the tracks and identifying patterns was a novel concept bac...

Gaming Equipment

Gaming Equipment to Start Your Streamer Career in 2021

Streaming video games and any entertainment content is a large market that is becoming more popular every year and can bring decent earnings. People love to watch other people’s streams; it can ...

Indie Video Games

Gaming Startups on the Rise

For those who their teachers once told, “Playing video games will never get you anywhere!” the current prosperity of the industry is very satisfying. All aspects of gaming now offer a real...

College Video Games

How Video Games Can Boost Your Creativity in College

Video games are a perfect tool to keep you focused, relaxed, and more aligned towards your goal. Researchers found out that playing video games has a positive impact on mood and behavior. In addition,...

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