Author: Scott Wiley

Shop Titans PC Review

How do you fancy being a shop keeper in a fantasy world full of swords, shields, and sorcery? Where every adventurer, mercenary, knight of the realm, or even great wizards and ninjas come to your humb...

4.5 Poor
Streets of Rage 4 Review

Streets of Rage 4 Review

26 years. That’s how long it’s been since the last mainline entry in this series. Much has changed since 1994, for starters, Sega no longer has a console line (keep the Dream alive) and th...

9 Amazing
Totally Reliable Delivery Service Review

Totally Reliable Delivery Service Review for PC

Ever wondered what it would be like to have a career as a courier? Curious how the lives of delivery service people differ from yours? Liked the idea of Death Stranding but want something a bit more s...

7.5 Good
Conglomerate 451

Conglomerate 451 Review for PC

Science Fiction and dystopian futures go together hand-in-hand like bread and butter, examples are everywhere you look Dune, Blade Runner, Fallout, Judge Dredd. There is no escaping the march of techn...

6.5 Fair
Zombie Army 4: Dead War Review

Zombie Army 4: Dead War Review for PC

Zombie Nazis, that sentence alone is enough to pique my interest. The prospect of taking them on in a 3rd person shooter based on mechanics from the Sniper Elite series and I can bring my friends?! Si...

8 Great
Broken Lines Review

Broken Lines Review for PC

Broken Lines is the latest game from indie developer Portaplay, set in an Alternate history of WW1, featuring “pause and play” style strategy gameplay and a cast of characters to try and keep alive du...

7.3 Good
Darksiders Genesis Review

Darksiders Genesis Review for PC

Darksiders Genesis is a brand new entry in a much-beloved franchise that centers on takin on angels and demons after the apocalypse wasn’t canceled. Normally these are done from a 3rd person perspecti...

8.7 Great
Shenmue III Review

Shenmue III Review for PC

Shenmue III. Need I say more? But on a serious note, Shenmue 3 is the crowdfunded sequel 17 years in the making to bring honor to a cult classic franchise born on the final Sega console, the Dreamcast...

6.7 Fair

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