Author: Red Thomas


America’s Army is Getting a Sequel

At PAX South this week, I noticed the US Army had set up a recruitment station.  The Air Force had done the same thing the last year or two with their high-speed carnival ride.   I’ve laughed a bit at...

Phantom Doctrine

Phantom Doctrine: War So Cold, It’s Hot

While walking around the floor at PAX South this weekend, I came across Phantom Doctrine.  A CreativeForge Games title, the game is heavily cloaked in the shadows of espionage.  As a former Army Intel...

Star Trek Bridge Crew: Virtually Worth It! Check Out Our Hands On Preview

I have always been a fan of anything related to Star Trek, so a VR game of the name immediately caught my attention.  The fact that it’s everything I had expected Star Trek Online to be once upon a ti...

Dawn of Andromeda review

Dawn of Andromeda Review

Red Thomas loves the 4X genre, so he takes a crack at reviewing Dawn of Andromeda.  How does it stack up against other games in the genre, and what stands out about the game?  How fast can he uninstal...

4.2 Poor

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