Author: Steven Weber

Steven Weber is a writer, he also loves to game. He produces several streams, all of dubious fame. If you’ve ever wondered, “How does he spend his time?” It’s spent writing this biography and trying to make it rhyme.

Far Cry 5 Launches Hours of Darkness DLC

Far Cry 5 by Ubisoft has had an exceptional response both critically and by fans around the globe. As their first encore expansion for Far Cry 5, Ubisoft has launched their Hours of Darkness expansion...

The Council

The Council Episode 2: Hide and Seek Available With the Season Pass

Have you been playing Big Bad Wolfs highly coveted title The Council?  If not, you should, and if you start now and buy the season pass you can play Episode 1 and Episode 2 right now!  The Council is ...


Subaeria Review – Perpetuating Robot on Robot Violence

When one thinks of underwater cities, Subaeria is undoubtedly not one of them, but in Studios iLLOGIKA’s action puzzler, the knowledge that you are underneath the ocean plays second fiddle to the unfo...

6.5 Fair
Atari VCS

Pre-Order the Atari VCS May 30th

Old becoming new is coming back in a big way with the announcement of the Atari VCS IndieGoGO campaign which Atari has chosen to bring back for retro gaming fans everywhere!  The Atari VCS will not si...

Marvel End Time Arena

Marvel End Time Arena has Launched in Korea

Are you a Marvel Fan missing the ARPG styles of Marvel Heroes Omega and Marvel  Ultimate Alliance?  A new game called Marvel End Time Arena has launched in South Korea and may make its way across the ...

Nintendo's Annual Profit

Nintendo’s Annual Profit Exceeds 500%

If you are a Nintendo Fan like we are, try and contain your excitement when we tell you that Nintendo is building steam that doesn’t appear to be slowing.  On the heels of selling 15 million Swi...

Strange Brigade

Strange Brigade Launches August 28th

Did you have a chance to check out the Strange Brigade coverage from EGX Rezzed? If not, Strange Brigade developed by Rebellion is a 1930s Co-Op adventure that melds the Golden Age of the Silver Scree...

MineCon Earth

MineCon EARTH Set For September 29th

Minecraft lovers have no fear, for MineCon, the yearly virtual Minecraft show, will be streaming worldwide September 29th. The show will be hosted by the brand director of Mojang, Lydia Winters as wel...

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