Author: Steven Weber

Steven Weber is a writer, he also loves to game. He produces several streams, all of dubious fame. If you’ve ever wondered, “How does he spend his time?” It’s spent writing this biography and trying to make it rhyme.


Authors Terry Pratchett, Robert Jordan’s’ Beloved Worlds Headed to Small Screen

We have seen many of our favorite, beloved book titles hitting the silver screen, but what could be better than seeing your favorite books by some of the most renowned authors developed into their own...

bloodborne comic review - games cause violence

Video Games Are To Blame – Do Games Cause Violence?

February 22nd 2018, the President of the United States blasted video games, movies, and the internet in general as culprits to violence in schools, or just “bad things in general”.  It’s a tale as old...

all closers

Closers Review – Closing in on Something Special?

Not too terribly long ago En Masse released the free to play game Closers to the public, melding a hub based MMO with a heavy combo based beat’em up style of gameplay.  With so much going on and sever...

Fe Review

Fe – Geometrical Platforming Splendor

Last week on GameSpace I introduced many of you to Fe, an action-adventure platformer developed by Zoink and published by EA that I believed could be one of the best games in its sub-genre.  Since the...


Fe – Our Review in Progress

Zoinks! That’s not just a word to accentuate surprise anymore; it is actually the development team behind Fe, a new platformer that’s hitting the virtual shelves today.  While our review is on the way...


Get in the Mood – 5 Games for Valentines Day

“I don’t love you!”  Are you tired of hearing that? I sure am! Actually, you probably have never heard that, and my self-deprecation aside if you are in any way like me, you have probably had a few un...

Next Up Hero

Next Up Hero – By Popular Demand, Co-Op on the Horizon

The Early Access action title Next Up Hero, by Digital Continue and published by Aspyr, is going through some exceptional changes brought on by requests from their passionate community. Today Digital ...

Striker's Edge review

Striker’s Edge Review

Most children at some point, be it in an elementary school gym class or through sheer pre-adult life experience, are familiar with not just the concept, but the game of dodgeball. Have you ever wonder...

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