Author: Tony Brown

Football Games

4 Fun Alternatives to Fantasy Football

The start of the NFL season prompts an increased interest in the online football game Fantasy Football. After all, this video game merges the virtual world and the real world to provide a more realist...

Dota 2

Real-time Esports Matches & Adrenaline-Fueled Fun

Dota 2 is one of the most popular MOBAs in cybersports today. The number of its fans reaches several hundreds of millions and Dota 2 live tournaments gather more spectators than some soccer matches.  ...

Popular franchises

Popular Video Game Franchises That Would Make Great Slots

Video games and online slots are distant relatives. Their link is pretty strong, with numerous popular video games adapted to slots already. Resident Evil, Call of Duty, and Hitman have so far been ad...

Movie Adaptation

Best Games that Deserve a Movie Adaptation

Video-game films have long been jokes for good reason: many box office failures were the result of several of the initial attempts to translate digital media to the silver screen. Filmmakers are encou...

Card Games

What is the Best Card Game to Play Online?

Traditional card games are some of the oldest forms of entertainment that we still enjoy today. They’ve even inspired modern trading card titles like Faeria and Slay the Spire. However, cards found in...

Video Editing

Top 10 Trending Video Editing Software For Gaming In 2021

It is an exciting task to edit gaming videos and then upload them on YouTube. With some excellent video editing software, you can create a fantastic gaming video for your viewers and get their reviews...

Bedtime Games

Top 5 Bedtime Games for Your Smartphone

In these frenetic times falling asleep is an issue for many people. Various forms of insomnia affect people worldwide, and the number of cases has been consistently increasing in the past decades espe...


6 Tips For Online Gaming Tournament First-Timers

The new decade has just begun, and the video game industry has already seen a huge boost in revenue and popularity. The gaming world used to be something only some people around the world enjoyed. But...

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