Author: Tony Brown

Overwatch 2

Will Overwatch 2 Be a Big Esports Hit?

The Overwatch video game is an interesting and highly entertaining multiplayer first-person shooter video game that was created, developed, and published by Blizzard Entertainment. The first version o...

Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat’s Netcode Saved the Scene this Pandemic

Throughout last year, many esports titles like Mortal Kombat had to adapt to fully online environments. For some, if not most, this was a relatively smooth transition. Even traditional sports turned t...

Video Games 1

What Video Games & Casino Games Have in Common?

Video games and gambling: Are they just alike? It’s a question that may seem unexpected, but the answer is Yes. Perhaps not in a direct way, but there still are many similarities between these t...


How Gamers Make Money from Streaming

You’ve likely heard of the growing number of “millionaire millennials”, a wave of internet-savvy youngsters earning money from streaming games and influencing social media. Older generations are rathe...


The Video Games to Have Absolutely on Nintendo Switch in 2021

Nintendo Switch is a very powerful console, which is very popular with users. With it, you can not only watch Netflix, go online and find out more about Playamo, but also read the news, watch YouTube,...


Best Teams For FIFA Career Mode

The entire gaming industry is going through a period of real growth, which we are seeing across all parts of the industry. Mobile gaming has been one of the real driving forces around this and there i...

Gaming Skills

Training Your Gaming Skills

The more we play, and we play a lot, the better we get. This truism applies over most games, but it’s not a magic route to supremacy. For most players, playing as we do normally will eventually cause ...

Gaming Laptops

A Guide to Gaming Laptops

A gamer is only as good as their gear, and you deserve the best gear you can. If you’re looking for a device powerful, yet versatile, it’s time to choose some gaming laptops. With so many laptops for ...

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