Author: Tony Brown

Survivor Royale

Here’s How You Can Play Survivor Royale on PC

Looking for a game similar to PUBG? Well then, Survivor Royale is just the game, you can download it here right now! Get ready to fight for your survival! If you have played PUBG, you already know tha...

Professional gamer

How to Become a Professional Video Game Player

Most people just think of becoming a professional gamer as being good enough at their respective games to be able to play competitively. But what does it really take to become a pro? There are three m...

Sony PlayStation

Interesting Facts about Sony Playstation

Behind every game is a unique story. That’s why we went all out to find the most interesting facts out there about Sony Playstation. Besides, it pays to have useless knowledge. Not only because you ca...


5 Things We Can’t Wait to Do in FIFA 22

We’ve recently seen the release of FIFA 22, and couldn’t be more excited. And if you’re reading this, you’re likely pretty thrilled yourself. Well, we’re here to shed light on a few of the features in...

Amazon Fire Stick

Amazing Firestick Tips and Tricks for Maximum Entertainment

If you own the Amazon Firestick, you are aware of its powers and capabilities. The device allows you to stream content that you like and therefore, you don’t need to pay for unwanted channels. It also...

MSi Afterburner

How To Install MSi Afterburner

Whenever I want to play a video game sometimes it seems to be playing a videogame can’t enjoy for poor capabilities my GPU. So, I started to research. After that, I was able to find a good tool for pl...


The Different Types Of Headphones And How To Choose One

There are many different types of headphones for many different purposes. If you are an avid runner, chances are you will want a headphone type that is sweat-proof and comfortable to wear during stren...

Mobile Esports

Do Mobile Esports Represent the Future?

For the past five years or more, media commentators and industry experts have been saying that mobile represents the future of gaming. Today, they are no longer saying it, because in that respect, at ...

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