Author: Tony Brown

MLB The Show 22

MLB The Show Is Up Next For Esports

MLB The Show 21 saw an interesting new way of Esports for the MLB community. After their events were originally run by ESL, the developers at MLB and San Diego Studios decided that they were going to ...

The Future of Video Gaming May 2022

The Future of Video Gaming and Its Surprising Benefits

Everything is digital now, gone are the days when you had to go to the shop to buy a DVD for your favorite game. Everything is done online and this has played a huge role in making the gaming industry...

Games and Technology

These 4 Traditional Games Have Changed With Innovative Technology

The use of technology has been pervasive in our everyday lives. Traditional games such as poker and other board games are being reshaped by the implementation of innovative technology. This means it i...

Dating Video Games

5 Types Of Online Games You Can Play With Friends

Are you fed up with missing out on game night because you and your co-workers, friends, and family can’t gather in the same spot all at once? Or maybe you want to play games online, but not all of you...

Game Development in 2022

5 Online Courses to Lay a Foundation for Game Development

With the advancement of technology, many career opportunities have opened up. This is also true for the gaming industry and video game development has emerged as a lucrative job opportunity. According...

How Gamers Can Help Improve the Future of Video Games

Most gamers think that they don’t have a say in what type of games are being built and bought into the market. While most of this job is on the shoulders of developers, gamers can still play their par...

Gaming Router 1

What Are the Major Benefits of Gaming Routers?

Gaming routers are sophisticated and better versions of traditional WiFi routers that are designed specifically to improve the performance of the network. These devices provide the means through which...

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