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StarCraft 2 Modder, Real-time strategy design consultant. Writer. Aficionado of #strategygames + #horror. Lover of design + education. Current project #SCRAPmod

Siege of Centauri

Siege of Centauri, a tower defense that plays like an RTS

Writer’s note: I was offered a Siege of Centauri key for the preview, but had already purchased the game as a Founder. It’s a weird time to be an RTS aficionado. There are a lot of games coming out th...

war party review

Hey Have You Heard? It’s a War Party

The vast majority of RTS games fall into a handful of tried and true settings: science fiction is probably the most popular, with World War 2 and kind of a generic Tolkienesque fantasy following up be...

8 Great
Valeguard Review

Valeguard Review

Something dark stirs in the wilderness… ValeGuard is an independent game developed by Lost Tower Games where the player alternates between turn-based building management and real-time tactical combat ...

7 Good
Airmech Wastelands

Airmech Wastelands – A fantastic spinoff ARPG

I have played AirMech, on and off, for years. I’ve seen features come and go, the UI undergo massive evolutions. I have played skirmishes and some of the single player content released for that game. ...


Tooth and Tail Review

You’d think a game about animal revolutionaries would be cute and cuddly, like a drunken squirrel. But, in spite of its charming and nostalgic visuals, Tooth and Tail is oftentimes as harsh and cruel ...

9 Amazing
Sudden Strike 4

Our Sudden Strike 4 Review – Merely Adequate

In the past couple of years, we have seen a resurgence in the real-time strategy games, with a fair number of well-regarded RTS having launched or received major updates and expansions in the past 3 y...

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