Author: Bill Gallon

Bill is a tech nerd, writing software during the day and tinkering between playing video games. He is a huge Nintendo fan, though PC gaming is still a strong second.

Extinction review

Extinction: Giant orc-like monster genocide, served piping hot

There’s always something enjoyable about running around and killing monsters that at first glance look way too powerful to be felled by a single person.  Luckily, the hero of the story always has a wa...

Dragon Ball FighterZ review

Dragon Ball FighterZ Review

Were you a fan of the old Dragon Ball Z Bodoukai fighting games, or are you a Dragon Ball fan who likes Marvel vs Capcom?  I’ll save you reading the rest of the review, you need to buy FighterZ....

8.9 Great
Tiny Metal review

Tiny Metal Review

While there has not been a new entry to the Advance Wars series since 2008, many other developers have stepped in to try and make a game to take its place. With Tiny Metal, AREA35 puts out their first...

7 Good
Worms WMD Review Switch

Worms WMD Review: Blow Up Your Friends!

Worms WMD for Nintendo Switch sees Team17’s worm simulator return to its roots as a team vs team strategic deathmatch. Many of the features that were added to previous iterations were removed, b...

Lumo review

Lumo Review

Lumo is an isometric puzzle game aiming to emulate retro puzzle games of the past.  While it had released in mid-2016 on PC, a recent port to the Nintendo Switch allows players to solve puzzles while ...

6 Fair
Portal Knights Review Switch

Portal Knights Review

With the voxel-based game craze that started with Minecraft, it takes a lot to create another of the same type while managing to stand out.  Portal Knight aims to differentiate itself by not only havi...

7 Good

VVVVVV Switch Review

VVVVVV has a long history of releases and ports since its original release in 2010.  Originally being built in Flash, it has later been ported to multiple consoles, with the latest being the Nintendo ...

Battlerite review

Battlerite Review

Battlerite is the second released MOBA from Stunlock Studios, creators of Bloodline Champions.  While heavily inspired by Bloodline Champions, Battlerite is a new entry that emphasizes the team-fighti...

8.5 Great

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