Totally Legit Note From School

School Sends “Totally Legit” Videogame Lesson Note To Parents

Totally Legit Note From School A 7-year-old from Eagle Mountain brought home a “totally legit” note from school. It informed the parents that if one Nathan Anderson will not be allowed to ...

Dark Souls 3 Midir

Dark Souls 3 – Darkeater Midir Taken On With A Broken Sword

Continying the tradition of beating Dark Souls 3 in most original ways, take a look at the video below. Previously we had already news DS3 taken on with bananas, bongos, voice-control, dancing pad and...

Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3 Beaten With Bananas… We Don’t Make This Up

Streamer TheSuperScrubs, famous for his obsession with weird ways to beat Dark Souls 3, strikes again. Bongos and steering wheels were not enough, and he went “bananas” this time. *BA-DUM-...

Billings Farm vs Nintendo

Billings Farm & Museum of Woodstock Challenges Nintendo To See Who Is Better At Milking

Billings Farm & Museum of Woodstock called Nintendo out on its 1-2 Switch game. Or, in particular, milking part of it, which is one of 28 minigames included in the bunch. Billings Farm & Museu...

MLB The Show 2017

MLB The Show 17 Video Sends Fans Running for the Exits

MLB The Show 17 devs showed a video recently that is enough to send shivers down your spine. No…really. We mean it when we say that development is an ugly…TERRIFYING…business. MLB Th...

marachiisoup - Breath of the Wild Screen - How Nintendo Made Breath of the Wild

Link gets cocky against the Guardians – MarachiiSoup Clip

Sometimes, Link can be a real douche. That is, if you add in some clever meme-making from Youtuber MarachiiSoup. It’s been two weeks, and the world is still enamored with all the things you can ...

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