Leaked Nintendo Switches

Nintendo Switch World First Unboxing – Now BREATHE!

March 3rd and the release of the Nintendo Switch can’t come fast enough. In a new video, YouTube user FloKO has posted the world first “unboxing” of the highly anticipated console! N...

Starship Assassin

Starship Assassin Open Beta Blasting Off Soon

Starship Assassin is an old-school arena shooter and it seems like it will be blasting off for open beta. In fact, solo developer Dave Sullivan has announced that OBT will start on March 3rd! What is ...

Halo Wars 2 Review

Halo Wars 2 – The First 20 Minutes

Halo Wars 2 gameplay is just about as classic RTS as you can get. It’s clear that Creative Assembly and 343 didn’t want to eschew the traditions of the genre all that much with this entry....

Watch Dogs 2 Human Conditions

Human Conditions – Watch Dogs 2’s next big DLC, coming February 21st

As revealed on today’s Livestream, Ubisoft is launching Human Conditions, the next big DLC for Watch Dogs 2 on February 21st.  There’s a host of new missions, weapons, characters, and map ...


Pac-Man Pop! Fans Name A Ghost

Bandai Namco Entertainment sent out a word about a new character popping into Pac-Man Pop! However, before this mischievous playful ghost actually makes it to the game, she needs a name. What’s ...

ghost recon wildlands review

The Ghost Recon Wildlands Open Beta Starts February 23rd

Buckle up your boots, boys and girls – it’s time to go back into Bolivia and take on the Santa Blanca drug cartel once more before launch. This Ghost Recon Wildlands beta is open to everyo...

New Sea of Thieves Trailer

New Sea of Thieves Trailer highlights the big new additions

Sea of Thieves is looking more and more like the pirate MMO everyone has always wanted, but never knew they needed. A brand new Sea of Thieves trailer has just sprung up in the wild. This one takes a ...


Theseus Cinematic VR Revisits Minotaur’s Legend

Forge Reply has announced a new game called Theseus. The forthcoming VR title is a retelling of the legend of the Minotaur. Players journey to a dark and mature place along with the voice of Ariadne a...

shock tactics loadout

Shock Tactics is shockingly shocking… shock. New Trailer!

Shock Tactics sent out a new trailer today. What is Shock Tactics? Great question, me! It’s a turn-based tactics game (think XCOM) where you and your mercenary team build up your base and explor...

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