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Payday 2 is Free Forever On Steam IF You are One of the Lucky 5 Million

Five million Steam users have a chance to score Payday 2 for free. If you manage to be in the “lucky few”, the game will remain part of your collection forever. Payday 2 The game is a 4-pl...


Final Fantasy XII Trailer Shines Spotlight on Story, Shows Off HD Graphics

Just ahead of E3, Square Enix has released a new trailer for Final Fantasy XII. The video shows off the “enhanced HD graphics” as well as its remastered soundtrack from the original 2006 c...


Vampyr Ready to Drain Away Your Free Time Beginning in November 2017

E3 is kicking off with a bang. DontNod Entertainment starting things off with a new Vampyr trailer as well as the November 2017 release date. Vampyr (the game) doesn’t suck, but you do The game ...

Super Nintendo World

Super Nintendo World to Open in Japan in 2020, Also Headed to the US

Universal Studios is finally ready to reveal a tiny bit more about Super Nintendo World. A brief 30-second trailer starring Mario reveals that SNW will open in Japan in 2020! Super Nintendo World Whil...

Niantic and Pokemon Go

Niantic to Celebrate Pokemon Go with Live & In-Game Events and … Secret Stuff

Niantic is ready to pull out all the stops in celebration of the first birthday of Pokemon Go. A new blog post on the site teases out an in-game event and several planned live events. In addition, dev...

Hollow Knight Switch

Hollow Knight Switch version is Feature Complete

In a blog update for the forthcoming Hidden Dreams free DLC, Team Cherry also took the time to give a progress update on the Hollow Knight Switch port of their game of the year contender: Quick Update...

Oceanhorn for Switch

Oceanhorn for Switch lands on June 22nd

One of the only games I’ve ever loved on my iPhone, an Adventure RPG in the vein of Zelda, is coming to the Switch in just over two weeks. Oceanhorn for Switch lands on June 22nd, and I couldn&#...

Atlus & a Trio of JRPGs

Atlus USA to Bring a Trio of JRPGs Westward for Nintendo 3DS

Atlus USA has thrilled a lot of JRPG fans today with the announcement that THREE big games are coming soon. Two of the three got the video treatment as well. Atlus & JRPGs So here is what you can ...

The End is Nigh

Ash is a Super Blobby Thing in The End is Night from Edmund McMillen

One of the original creators of Super Meat Boy has announced his new game. Called ‘The End is Nigh’, players take the part of Ash, a “super blobby thing”. We can’t make t...

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