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china Fate of the Furious Rocket League

The Fate of the Furious Premium DLC Comes To Rocket League

Psyonix shared a word about their latest premiun DLC done in collaboration with Universal Studios. The Fate of the Furious comes out on April 4th and will bring along six unique customizations. Namely...

Paladins Patch 47

Patch 47 Brings New Skins And Titles To Paladins

Paladins developer team participated in the latest stream for Patch 47. In it they spent time talking about new additions that the patch will bring to the game. Paladins Patch 47 features: Three new s...


Mordhau Lets You Remove Your Opponent’s Head During Medieval Combat

Mordhau is a KickStarter project that wants to provide “fun” medieval combat. A new trailer shines the spotlight on three different maps and that include lots of gory fights. What is Mordh...


Dododex Helps You Tame a Dinosaur With Google Home

Dododex is a great app for ARK: Survival Evolved players who are looking to tame dinosaurs. In a new twist on the app, creator Dan Leveille has made it compatible with Google Home. Hey Google, ask Dod...

We've finally got a release date for Volition's follow up to Saint's Row The Third - Agents of Mayhem releases August 15th, and man is it looking good.

Agents of Mayhem releases August 15th – Volitions follow up to Saint’s Row

We’ve finally got a release date for Volition’s follow up to Saint’s Row The Third – Agents of Mayhem releases August 15th, and man is it looking good. Kind of like Crackdown m...

best fire emblem heroes characters - Fire Emblem heroes adds permadeath

Our List of the Best Fire Emblem Heroes Characters

Fire Emblem Heroes has dozens of interesting characters to choose from and this has its good and bad side. On one hand, the options are unlimited when you try to build your 4 characters squad and on t...

Persona 5 Logo - new game releases april 3rd through april 8th

New Game Releases April 3rd through April 8th

The hits keep on coming in 2017. The new game releases April 3rd through April 8th include none other than the supremely high scoring JRPG Persona 5. But, believe it or not there’s more! Read on...


SkyKeepers Takes the Fight Airborne As Launch Day Arrives

SkyKeepers has officially launched in more ways than one today. In addition to its unique fighting style, players can now find it for XBox One, PC (Steam) and PlayStation 4. SkyKeepers brings mid-air ...

Diablo 3

Diablo 3 Season 10 Begins for All Users Including Consolers

The Diablo 3 players have kicked off Season 10 in Blizzard’s ARPG. This season is special because it brings console versions into seasonal play. What is new in Diablo 3 Season 10? Seasons are ta...

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