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Chromagun Switch Review – This Was Almost a Triumph

Chromagun originally came out on PC and consoles back in 2015. A sort of Portal-like homage to Valve’s sci-fi first-person puzzler, Chromagun is all about being a new employee sent on ever-increasingly difficult tests for ChromaTec. Your main tool? You guessed it, the Chromagun! The snarky narrator humor, the intentionally minimalistic level artwork, and the increasingly complex puzzles are ...[Read More]

Subnautica Review – Who needs a Porg when you can have a Cuddle Fish?

Subnautica is a single-player, open world, underwater survival game developed by Unknown Worlds Entertainment. You play as a crash-landed space pilot left to your own peril on an alien ocean world filled with mysterious, often ominous and spectacular ocean life. Subnautica first appeared on the mainstream game radar at Pax East 2014 but here in 2018 the long-awaited launch has finally arrived, thi...[Read More]

Vesta Review: A Mashup of Metroid meets Zelda?

Vesta is a new Puzzle oriented game made by FinalBoss Games. While touted as a Puzzle Action game, I like to think of it as a mashup of Metroid and Zelda with a lot less “action.”  You get the puzzle solving of the two games, without a vast majority of the action. You play a 6-year-old girl named Vesta, set in an underground maze full of robots and machines, most of which want to kill you.  The ga...[Read More]

The Red Strings Club Review – Androids, Drink, and Digital Conspiracies

Dark dystopian futures and a long island ice tea are not exactly natural accompaniments. Devolver Digital’s latest title sets out to mix a little light intoxication, some mysticism, and a deeply disturbing look into the future as players enter. This is our The Red Strings Club review for PC. Out now on Steam, this bartending adventure is a mix of point and click puzzles and visual novels. Like Suk...[Read More]

Shu – Yet Another Excellent Platformer lands on Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo brand is no stranger to outstanding platform games. The Japanese behemoth practically defined the standards for this type of game and the Switch feels like a natural home to so many great examples of this genre. Now Shu joins this litany of great indie titles in the Nintendo eShop. This is our Shu review for the Nintendo Switch. Shu is a charming 2.5D platformer, set in a world ravage...[Read More]

Iconoclasts Review – A Wrench in the System

After seven years in development, Iconoclasts is flying onto PC, Vita, and PS4 this week! Was this an indie game worth the wait? Should you play it? How much good can a girl do with a spanner? We’re going to talk about all of that and more in our Iconoclasts review for the PC. But before we dig into the game, a history lesson. Why? “We study history so that we don’t repeat the mistakes of the past...[Read More]

Total War: Warhammer 2: Rise of the Tomb Kings Review

The Lords of the Tomb Kings vie for control over the Black Pyramid of Nagash in Total War: Warhammer 2’s newest expansion. New mechanics and a different mindset to conquest altogether define this expansion. However, the question remains – is it good to be the King? This is our Total War: Warhammer 2: Rise of the Tomb Kings review for PC. There is something decidedly morbid and ancient about ...[Read More]

Our Fallen Legion Review – A Slick Indie Action RPG

Every once in a while I like to dive into games that are outside my typical genres of choice. It forces me to learn new mechanics, try out new ideas and concepts and more often not introduces me to a wonderful new genre that I would have otherwise never tried. So when Fallen Legion came across my desk last week it was the perfect opportunity to expand my gaming horizons once again. After a week of...[Read More]

Baseball Riot: 10Tons’ Latest Switch Port Swings and Hits a Single

Many of us are old enough to remember the Angry Birds mobile revolution. In a time when the only real games for mobile were classics like snake and Tetris, Angry Birds introduced us to a world where math and angry…well..birds work together to defeat evil pigs. It revolutionized the way we play mobile titles and in many ways changed the face of the classic physics puzzle games of old. Since t...[Read More]

NSFW: Genital Jousting pulls out a hard one

It has taken just over a year, but Freelives is finally whipping it out. After initially penetrating early access back in 2016, Genital Jousting launches today on Steam. Throughout early access, this game has been an orgy of bright colors, exaggerated physics, and crazy members, best experienced by consenting adults. At first glance, Genital Jousting might seem like perfect streaming clickbait, bu...[Read More]

Son of Scoregasm May Never Let You Finish

Imagine yourself alone in a small room. Suddenly, shapes start appearing and come hurtling toward you. They close in. You dodge. Things look grim and boom, you’ve just turned all of them into glowing green lights and upped your score modifier significantly. This is our Son of Scoregasm review. I never played 2012’s Scoregasm, but Son of Scoregasm is a sequel that the game’s one-man developer calls...[Read More]

Our Auto Age: Standoff Review

The 80’s have definitely made a comeback with shows like Stranger Things and all the synth music in recent movies and trailers. Auto Age: Standoff adds to this comeback with it’s 80’s style car combat, music and character personalities (if you play the tutorial). Car combat games are not always easy to get right but Auto Age: Standoff happens to do a pretty great job. Prepare for some fast-paced c...[Read More]

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