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Our Dreadnought Review for the PS4

This week, Dreadnought left dry dock and warped onto Playstation 4. This is where GameSpace.com‘s co-op aficionados Matt and Dame took it out for a spin. These two have been gaming together for more than fifteen years over, spanning multiple genres of games. It was only a matter of time before they got to space combat! Welcome to our Dreadnought review for the PS4. Before we dive into the co...[Read More]

Our This is the Police Review for Nintendo Switch

Weappy is a small independent game development studio located in Minsk, Belarus and along with publisher THQ Nordic comes a strategy/adventure/management game set in the real world. In this game you take on the role of Police Chief Jack Boyd who’s set to retire in 180 days, how will you make the most of your last days in a place of “power”? Welcome to our This Is The Police review for the Nintendo...[Read More]

Our Spellspire Review for Nintendo Switch

Spellspire is a game that seems perfectly fit for mobile devices (probably becuase 10tons has released it there), and it feels right at home on the Switch for a nice casual mind-teaser mixed with RPG elements. The title of the game says it all. You’re a daring young wizard set off to conquer the 100-floor tower that’s filled with all sorts of baddies. To cast spells, you must literally...[Read More]

Reigns Her Majesty – Long Live the Que…..

Reigns: Her Majesty is the follow up to 2016’s smash hit, Reigns. In fact, if you’ve played the first one, you’ve played this one too only this time, you take the part of a queen….or many queens….sitting on the throne of a fictional country. While simple on first blush, the game brings an unexpected nuance to players who look for quality games on the go. This is our R...[Read More]

Our Injustice 2 PC Edition Review

My jaunt into the DC Comics Universe didn’t begin with the Injustice series, but Injustice: Gods Among Us was a fantastic 2.5 Dimension Fighter that immediately caught my attention when it released.  While, growing up, I was more partial to the faster paced 2D fighters like Street Fighter and the Marvel Arcade fighters, Injustice easily grew on me with its gorgeous character models and excellent s...[Read More]

The Surge: A Walk in the Park DLC Review

In May of this year Deck13 (the same devs that brought you Lords of the Fallen) released The Surge. It was a Souls-Like game set in a future time with Exoskeleton armor, drones, various melee weapons and a dark story line. Now they’re back with first major DLC for the game, A Walk in the Park. This is our The Surge: A Walk in the Park DLC review. Things have been crazy enough as is on your f...[Read More]

Left Hand Path VR Review

If you’ve ever hunted through a monster-infested dungeon and thought, “man, I wish I were really there,” Left Hand Path is for you. Part dungeon crawler, part Dark Souls, and a little dash of horror complete the spell-slinging virtual reality package. Get ready to step into the shoes of a hero about to meet his doom. This is our review of Left Hand Path. I came into the game dark and that’s probab...[Read More]

Our Crimsonland on Switch Review

Isn’t it funny how some things repeat themselves? I mean, JNCO Jeans were the bellbottom’s second act in the 90s, mullets returned on the heads of angsty, early-aughts scream-o bands, and the pygmy-pickup itself, the legendary El Camino, was recently reborn in the Chevy SSR. In gaming we have seen this in the form of countless video game remakes – some for better… some for not-so-better. I g...[Read More]

Batman: The Telltale Series Review for Nintendo Switch

Telltale’s Batman: The Telltale Series swings onto its eighth platform, this time on the Nintendo Switch. This adventure series debuts on the best portable console you can currently get but portability comes with some frustrations. This is our Batman: The Telltale Series review for the Nintendo Switch! It’s always a challenge to review a game newly released on a gaming platform that was preceded b...[Read More]

Regions of Ruin Review

Across the landscape of many mythos, dwarves have a limited range of activities that they truly find joy in. Typically, those things fall into three categories: mountains, mining, and mead! One cannot blame them for their reclusion in a world of Man though, specifically in Tolkien’s Middle Earth. I imagine that they would find themselves often mistaken as taller, hairier Hobbits or short, squat me...[Read More]

Atari Audiowear SpeakerHat Review – Great for Active Folks

When I first heard that Atari was venturing into the world of Speakerhats with their new partnership with Audiowear, I must admit, much like many of you probably did, I sort of chuckled at the whimsical concept as a novelty. So, as you can imagine when the opportunity came up to get my hands on a review unit of their Blade Runner 2049 limited edition version of their new fashion tech endeavour you...[Read More]

Our Hyakki Castle Review – A Feudal Effort

2012 saw the mighty Legend of Grimrock trap wave after wave of unprepared players in a torturous battle for survival. Almost Human’s indie hit tossed willing victims into a maze of traps that updated the classic Dungeon Master concept. Now, Asakusa Studios is ready to drag us all the way back to a Japan full of Shogun and samurai, with an interesting take on the classic dungeon crawler. Like Legen...[Read More]

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