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Our Flame in the Flood Switch Review – Like the Cuyahoga River

Waking up to a lone dog begging you with a bag full of items, The Flame in The Flood throws you immediately into a quiet, dark world where you must learn to survive as you go.  Rafting from area to area collecting supplies to stay alive, learning what you need and what to avoid adds much to a game that is much more about the journey than the destination. This is our Flame in the Flood Switch revie...[Read More]

Our Oxenfree Switch Review – In which we fall in love with Night School Studio

Oxenfree originally came out in the beginning of 2016 on pretty much every system, to high acclaim and a whole lot of awards and nominations. Just last week, Oxenfree was launched on the Nintendo Switch, bringing it to a whole new audience. As one of those new people, I am thrilled to have been given a chance to experience Night School Studio’s debut work. A tale of choice, friendship, commu...[Read More]

Our Tiny Barbarian DX Switch Review

For us old-timer gamers we’ve seen the gaming genre as a whole change a lot over the years.  We grew up in the days of 8-bit and 16-bit titles that made no effort to hold you hand and, despite the pixelated graphics, transported us to a whole new world to explore and be a part of.  If you find yourself missing that experience and don’t have the time to dumpster dive for an Atari, you’ll be sure to...[Read More]

Our Neon Chrome Switch Review

Neon Chrome is one game in a stable of top-down twin-stick shooters by developer 10tons.  While all of their published games are in the same genre, each has something unique added to it to make it stand out from the crowd.  Neon Chrome definitely comes into its own as a rogue-like while adding enough of a hook to keep you coming back for more. This is our Neon Chrome Switch review. When first star...[Read More]

88 Heroes Switch Review – 98 Heroes Edition

With the world under siege by the evil Dr. H8, many heroes (98 in this edition, to be exact) have been called to stop his plan to destroy the earth.  Each hero will do their part in platforming through 88 levels within 88 minutes, battling bosses along the way.  There are 8s all over, so hopefully, that isn’t your unlucky number. This is our 88 Heroes Switch review. 88 Heroes: 98 Heroes Edition op...[Read More]

Our Rogue Trooper Redux Switch Review

I want to say I love Rogue Trooper Redux as much as Arkady does. And in truth, I love the original, and I’ve played the new PC release. Both are excellent. The Nintendo Switch port of this remake, however, is a different story. It’s not demonstrably bad, it’s just clearly kind of a rushed job which makes RTR look visually unappealing and below even the original’s fidelity. ...[Read More]

ELEX Review – Clunky But Surprisingly Addictive

I’m going to admit that I’m not usually the type of person to be patient when it comes to new games. If I can’t essentially “pick up and play” it with little tutorial intervention, then I usually shrug my shoulders and move on. However, despite wanting to do exactly that to ELEX practically from the start, it…grew on me. I’ll admit that it took more than a...[Read More]

Divided We Fall – Our Review of the New RTS from KAVA

The formula for real-time strategy games is a pretty simple one: control units, obtain assets, and complete objective before your opponent wipes out your army. While the genre is the digital doorway into the realm of tabletop wargaming, each new title takes a familiar, yet diversified approach. In this article, we will be reviewing Divided We Fall to discover what it brings to the RTS genre. This ...[Read More]

Orange You Glad You Brought a Shotgun? – Our Orange Moon Review

Orange Moon is a unique indie title, developed by Betelgeuse Zero and published by Meridian4, that presents as a Metroid-esque 2D action platformer with a variety of puzzles to open the path forward and a story that draws you from level to level as, even on a solitary moon, organizations struggle for power. While the graphics and animating employ a mostly monochromatic variance of orange, the impl...[Read More]

SNES Classic Reviewed – Nostalgic, But That May Be All?

So, I bought the SNES Classic a week ago and I want to tell you about it. But, first, a confession: I have a sordid history with the Super Nintendo… and most of it is my fault. I had a SEGA Genesis at the beginning of the Console Wars and I bought into the marketing hype from SEGA. Like a gaming apologist, I would regurgitate the mantra of MY system: “SEGA does what NintenDON’T!” (Oh, the 90s…). T...[Read More]

Caveman Warriors Quick Hit Review

I have a confession as a gamer, I am terrible at platformers. I was practically weaned on the NES, grew up in the golden age of the SNES and the N64 but for all of my years of gaming the platformer was never one I could master. So when JanduSoft’s Caveman Warrior came down the line for review I figured it was time to go back to my roots and finally master one of my greatest nemesis; the platformer...[Read More]

The Onion Knights Review

This fast-paced and entertaining defensive shooter was originally released as a mobile app and only recently released on the PC and PS4 in its definitive version. Few changes were made, most of which are, to my mind, improvements, but overall it is almost a direct port and has no real gameplay changes. The art is charming.  Not sure how else to say it. I found myself enjoying the aesthetics of the...[Read More]

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