Quick Hit Reviews

Metro Exodus Review

Metro Exodus Review: Brave New World

Everything we thought we knew about the Russian underground was wrong. In what seems like moments after beginning the game, the world of Metro Exodus explodes and unfolds before you. No longer are we ...

8.5 Great
Hitman 2 Review

Hitman 2 Review: Silent Assassin

It’s been two years, but Agent 47 is finally back. In Hitman 2, IO interactive has shed the episodic structure and delivered an experience that feels complete from the start. If you were a fan o...

8 Great

Russian Subway Dogs Review: Barking Mad

It’s a dog’s life, scavenging for scraps on the Moscow Metro. Taking diktats from the Proletaricat, juggling vodkas and torching the competition, just to earn a few bones. Maybe you get lucky and boar...

8 Great

Mothergunship Review

The year is – yeah, I don’t know that. The location is – don’t know that either. Look, let’s skip the irrelevant setting info and get to the important part. MOTHERGUNSHIP...

7 Good

RHA MA650 Hi-Res In-Ear Headphones Review

When it comes to in-ear headphones, many of us play it safe. Walking into your local Target, you’ll find a display case of in-ear headphones ranging from $10 to around $50 for wired versions and virtu...

Alliance Alive review

Alliance Alive Review – A Flawed Charmer on the 3DS

Alliance Alive is a fun, quirky, and interesting JRPG with some interesting systems powering the core gameplay. Although sometimes the naming of things can be quiet boring the story and characters are...

7 Good

Manticore: Galaxy on Fire Switch Review

If any of my readers are old enough to remember the days of Space Sims like Privateer or the original Wind Commander Series than you, like me, long for some of those classic titles. Countless hours sp...


The Problem with ‘For the King’: I can’t put it down

Have you ever found yourself sitting back, relaxing with a nice cold drink in your hand when you suddenly realize that what you need in life is a strategy meets rogue-like meets JRPG video game? No? M...

flash point fire rescue

Flash Point Fire Rescue – Flames On PC

Indie studios have branched out into interesting territory over the last several years including a foray back into the retro-styled world of tabletop gaming. One popular title with tabletop gamers has...

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