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Rain World

Rain World Is Ready For Pre-Orders On PS4

Rain World allows players to take on a role of a lonely slugcat. It is up to you to get through the industrial wastes. Also, try to be a predator and not a prey to bigger creatures. Grab your trusty s...

Mass Effect Andromeda First Hour

Mass Effect Andromeda – First Hour of Gameplay

The first hour of Mass Effect Andromeda goes by at a blinding pace. We had a few crashes, but by and large it’s setting the stage for an epic new adventure as the Pathfinder. When we picked up t...

Let's Play Persona 5 with the Voice Actors

Let’s Play Persona 5 with the Voice Actors

It’s hard to believe that Persona 5 is almost upon us. In just a few short weeks we’ll all be checking out the long-awaited successor to Persona 4, and the hype engine is in full overdrive...

Mages of Mystralia

Mages Of Mystralia Continues Teasing With New Video

Borealys Games sent out a word about its new adventure game, Mages of Mystralia. The game has unique spell creation system which gives players many ways to combat. Players can also look forward to puz...

marachiisoup - Breath of the Wild Screen - How Nintendo Made Breath of the Wild

How Nintendo Made Breath of the Wild – A Rare Peek Behind the Curtain Tomorrow

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is officially one of the best games of all time, if Metacritic and OpenCritic are to be believed. As such, it’s also a pretty different game from Zeldas o...

88 Heroes Switch review - 98 Heroes Edition

88 Heroes Asks You to Strap On Your Thigh-High Boots

Rising Star Games is ready to unleash 88 Heroes on the world. Players need to strap on thigh high boots as well as pull up their skivvies for the big day. What is 88 Heroes? The game challenges player...


Skywind TES 3 Mod Shows Off Giant Walking BUGS

Get out the bug spray because Skywind is showing off monstrous walking lice. The Elder Scrolls III project is recreating Morrowind and with it, enormous Silt Stiders. Skywind & the TESRenewal Proj...

ffxv episode gladiolus trailer

FFXV Episode Gladiolus Trailer Released

Revealed this weekend at PAX East, the FFXV Episode Gladiolus trailer shows off the titular hero facing off against Ravus. Final Fantasy XV’s Episode Gladiolus is set after the group faces off a...


Dauntless Trailer Shows Off a Pounding Good Time

The Dauntless team was on hand this past weekend during PAX East. During the convention, the team showed an explosive new trailer for the upcoming game. Dauntless, a Cooperative ARPG Players become Sl...

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