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Halo Wars 2 Colony DLC

Halo Wars 2 – Colony DLC is now out for PC and Xbox One

343 Industries sent out news about the latest DLC for Halo Wars 2. Known as the Colony, it is now available for PC and Xbox One. Players can get it as a standalone or receive the DLC as the part of th...


Arcanity Releases Classically-Styled Tanzia Into the Wild

Arcanity is ready to swing open the Steam Early Access doors for its brand new game called Tanzia. It is an adventure RPG with a classic feel along with a comic book art style. Arcanity & Tanzia Y...

Nemesis System

Nemesis System Previewed for Middle Earth: Shadow of War

One of the most interesting features in Middle Earth: Shadow of War is the Nemesis System. It has been completely re-done for the new game and IGN editors got a firsthand look at it. Nemesis System 2....

Abandon Ship

Abandon Ship – Combat Gameplay Video

Fireblade Software has published a new video dedicated to the combat gameplay of roguelike game Abandon Ship. What is Abandon Ship? Players take command of a vessel in a fantasy setting of “Age ...

ARMS new fighter Helix is a sexy green blob

ARMS’ new fighter Helix is a sexy green blob

The more I see of ARMS, the more I think it may be a killer app for the Switch. It looks like an incredibly adept 1v1 esport that’s probably going to get crazy tournaments all over the country. ...

Dreamfall Chapters

Dreamfall Chapters Video Introduces Characters & Stories to Console Fans

Red Thread Games & Deep Silver are launching Dreamfall Chapters for consoles on May 5th.  A new trailer focuses on the game’s story and characters. The video introduces the two heroes of the...

Totally Legit Note From School

School Sends “Totally Legit” Videogame Lesson Note To Parents

Totally Legit Note From School A 7-year-old from Eagle Mountain brought home a “totally legit” note from school. It informed the parents that if one Nathan Anderson will not be allowed to ...

dawn of war 3 launches today Warhammer 40K Dawn of War 3

Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War 3 launches today

I’ll just leave you with the video, and the press release. You’re all probably just playing it anyway… Dawn of War III marks the franchise’s return to real-time strategy essentials l...

League of Legends Dev Diary

Latest League of Legends Developer Diary – Building Runeterra

League of Legends Dev Diary – Building Runeterra & Future Stories Riot has published a new video dedicated to the early days of the company as well as creating the world of Runeterra. Brando...

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