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carver and terry

Carver and Terry profiled in new Dragon Quest Heroes 2 trailer

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 is nearing its launch, and to keep the hype building, Square-Enix is showing off more of its titular heroes with new trailers. This time , it’s all about the big galoot Car...

Beat Cop

Beat Cop Shows Off Launch Trailer

Pixel Crow and 11 bit studios showed off launch trailer for Beat Cop. The game is now finally officially out. What’s up with Beat Cop? Players get to take on the role of a former detective Jack ...

Quake Champions Anarki profiled

Quake Champions Anarki profiled

Well, this may be the most EXTREME 1990’s styled name I’ve seen in a videogame since well, the 1990’s. Hell, the new character for Quake Champions, Anarki, even has a “tubular&...

Docking Station

Resourceful Nintendo Fan turns his old Nintendo 64 into the best Switch Docking Station

What user doesn’t want an awesome docking stand? Well that was ingenuity if we ever saw it! In a post on Imgur and in a YouTube video (above), the man known as ‘tettzan’ unveils the ...

Surf World

Surf World Trailer Makes You Want to Hang Ten

Surf World is an upcoming game from Climax Studios that literally invites you to hang ten. The video features devs speaking about what makes their game so special. OK, so what makes Surf World unique?...

skylar & plux

Skylar & Plux does its best Ratchet & Clank impression this May

Skylar & Plux does its best Ratchet & Clank impression this May 19th, when the title launches on PC, PS4, and XB1. An action platformer in the same vein as Ratchet & Clank, the game seems ...

Destiny 2 review in progress beta

Destiny 2 Teased in Brief Trailer, Set for Big News on March 30th

Destiny 2 fans have only a couple more days to wait to find out more about the game. The very brief video reminds players to be watching on March 30th for the official D2 trailer. Destiny 2 – Wh...

secret world legends

Funcom’s The Secret World is relaunching as Secret World Legends, a shared world RPG this year

We. Cannot. Wait. The Secret World is one of the MMO genre’s most underrated gems. Partly because it’s not a fantasy game or based on a huge IP, but also because it’s fairly hard to ...

syberia 3 details story in new trailer

Syberia 3 details story in new trailer

Microids’ beloved Syberia series of adventure games is almost set to unleash its third entry. Today, Syberia 3 details story in new trailer dedicated to Kate’s new journey, new friends, an...

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